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PreImagine 2017 Sponsor Spotlight: Vantage Analytics

Author: Ashley Overton  |  March 21, 2017

2015-04-24 19.06.40Vantage Analytics is a powerful advertising and analytics platform for ecommerce retailers and brands of all sizes looking to analyze and grow its ecommerce business. Their team has worked with thousands of brands and retailers in over 124 countries. The Vantage platform automatically analyzes ecommerce data, generates insight and builds sophisticated ad campaigns that test hundreds of versions of ads to zero in on the most effective creative and copy.

Vantage has been apart of the Magento community for four years and has had the opportunity to attend and sponsor PreImagine for the past 3 years. Aran Hamilton, President & Co-founder of Vantage, shares his favorite PreImagine memory, great advice to newbies and much more:

Why did Vantage Analytics decide to sponsor PreImagine this year?

Best place to meet some of the smartest and most fun people in ecommerce today. Plus you know – beer.

How would you describe your past PreImagine experience?

 It’s a great informal opportunity to hang out with industry experts (and old friends).

2016-04-10 18.39.28What is your favorite memory from past PreImagines?

The group photo – it’s such a great tradition and nice to have something to look back at.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

We are most looking forward to networking with the Magento community to hear what they have been up to over the past year and the latest innovations they’re working on.

What would you list as the biggest benefit of attending PreImagine?

You get to network and get to know some of the best and brightest members of the Magento community.

Do you have any advice for first time attendees?

Make sure you mingle! There is so much to learn from this group, and so many interesting people to meet.

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PreImagine 2017 Sponsor Spotlight: Imagination Media

Author: Ashley Overton  |  March 17, 2017

IMG_1169Imagination Media is an ecommerce solutions provider that focuses on delivering brilliant, intuitive and effective integrated solutions built on the Magento Platform. Imagination Media customizes ecommerce solutions to fit their customer’s business logic and allows retailers from all industries to be able to seamlessly integrate their online and in-store operations.

Imagination Media has been an active and involved part of the Magento Community since its formative days. Today they continue to contribute and create as a proud part of this bold community. The Imagination Media team is a rare blend of experience, expertise, commitment and dedication. They understand the Magento platform and never stop working to create custom solutions that are perfect for their customer’s needs.

In addition to their Magento knowledge and expertise, Imagination Media has been around the block when it comes to PreImagine. This will be their third year attending the event and second as sponsors.

Ali Ahmed, President & Founder of Imagination Media, sheds some light on what it’s like to be both a guest and sponsor at PreImagine and how to get the most out of your evening there:

IMG_1234Why did Imagination Media decide to sponsor PreImagine this year?

Sometimes in the day to day grind we feel like we fail to fulfil our obligation to the Magento community and all that it has done for us. PreImagine is a way we can buy a fellow community member a beer and say thank you – we jumped at the opportunity to sponsor this amazing event again this year. It is truly an honor to be associated not only with this event, but with everyone who attends and contributes to the experience.

How would you describe your past PreImagine experiences?

As a sponsor –We didn’t really pay much attention to being a sponsor last year. It didn’t change much for us, we enjoyed it as much we did when we were just guests.

As a guest – The event really makes you feel like one big extended family. It’s a genuine feeling of community.

What is your favorite memory from past PreImagines?

It’s Las Vegas, so excuse us, please. Memories in that city can be a bit…hazy. I think our favorite memory was the group photo at the very end.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

We’re looking forward to connecting with other passionate and creative members of the Magento community. And we’re looking forward to learning from them. We look forward to meeting new members of the Magento community we haven’t met before. We can’t wait to be there again!

What would you list as the biggest benefit of attending PreImagine?

The free drinks. And the free A/C! Some of the scenery isn’t bad, either. Oh, and seeing you guys again!

Do you have any advice for first time attendees?

Come in with an open mind. Come hungry to learn and ready to connect. Come prepared to work hard and play hard too – remember, this is Las Vegas, baby!

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PreImagine 2017 Sponsor Spotlight: Gene Commerce

Author: Ashley Overton  |  March 15, 2017

IMG_1832Gene Commerce was built with the intention of not being “just another digital agency.” Gene is an SI that helps brands achieve online success using the Magento Enterprise Platform. They place great emphasis on the importance of putting their hearts and souls into everything they do and have built a team consisting of people who are passionate and ambitious about what they do. This extends over to their clients and has helped them to develop a number of software products for Magento.

Gene has been apart of the Magento community since the company was formed in 2013 and is a UK-based Magento Professional Solutions Partner. Gene is the team behind the Braintree extension and subsequently the Apple Pay extension which is launching on Magento 2 this week. Their team proudly created and developed BlueFootCMS which was acquired by Magento late last year to help power the CMS capability on Magento 2.

Although The Gene Team is joining us for the first time as a PreImagine sponsor this year, they are not new to the scene. They have attended PreImagine the last two years and have had some great experiences along the way.

We interviewed Matt Parkinson, Managing Direct of Gene Commerce, to get insight on the Gene experience at PreImagine and what they look forward to most this year:IMG_1834

Why did Gene decide to sponsor PreImagine this year?

As we’ve attended for the last 2 years we felt it was only right we contributed – there are also 8 of us attending so we wanted to pay our way and ensure as many as possible could also attend.

How would you describe your past PreImagine experiences?

As a guest it is one of the highlights of the week, catching up with everyone before the busy 3 days start, a great venue and everyone seems to be there.

What is your favorite memory from past PreImagines?

Convincing my wife on FaceTime that the Magento tattoo I was having done was permanent.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

The key note speeches [at Magento Imagine] have to be up there plus winning back all the money I lost last year on the tables.

What would you list as the biggest benefit of attending PreImagine?

Apart from catching up with many friends it is a great opportunity to meet and talk to new community members.

Do you have any advice for first time attendees?

Get there early and talk to as many people as you can.

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Are you Charging the Correct Amount of Sales Tax?

Author: Mark Faggiano  |  July 5, 2016

Calculating and understanding sales tax can be a bit complicated especially for those selling to customers throughout multiple states or countries. So, we have invited Mark Faggiano, Founder and CEO of TaxJar, to shed light on how you can ensure you are charging the correct sales tax. 


We talk to tons of online sellers, and one of the most common question we see when it comes to collecting sales tax is: “Wait, am I doing this right?”

We get it. Figuring out which sales tax rate to charge your customers can be complex. Not to mention, there are probably 19 other things on your to do list ahead of “Make sure I’m not totally screwing sales tax up.”

This quick guide will explain why sales tax is charged the way it is in the U.S., and how to make absolutely certain you’re charging your customers the correct rate.

Sales Tax 101

Forty-five U.S. states and Washington D.C. have a sales tax. Merchants with sales tax nexus in a state are required to collect sales tax from their buyers in that state and remit the fund back to the state. From there, those funds are used to pay for budget items like roads, schools and public safety.

What Makes Up a Sales Tax Rate?

You’ve probably noticed in your day-to-day life that sales tax rates vary from place to place, even within a state or county. A few factors make up your standard sales tax rate:

State sales tax rate – Each state with a sales tax has a statewide sales tax rate, generally ranging from 4-8%. About 10 states stop there and only have a statewide sales tax rate for the whole state. But most states also have…

globe-usa-1309894-1279x978County and city sales tax rates – Cities and counties want money to fund budget items, too, so in most states they can also require merchants to charge a sales tax. City, county and other local rates are added on to state rates.

Example: The sales tax rate in Norfolk, Nebraska is 7.5%. That’s the 5.5% Nebraska state sales tax rate plus the 2% Norfolk city sales tax rate. (Madison
County, where Norfolk is located, does not have a sales tax.)

Special taxing districts – Sometimes several local areas will be part of a “special taxing district.” This generally occurs when a big project – like a public transit system – will affect multiple localities. One example is the “Metro Commuter Transit District (MCTD)” which encompasses New York City and 7 New York counties.

Example: The sales tax rate in Suffern, NY is a combined 8.375%. That’s the 4% New York state rate, the 4% Rockland county rate, and the .375% MCTD (special taxing district) rate.

Check out TaxJar’s Sales Tax Calculator to look up a sales tax rate for yourself.

Sales Tax Sourcing Rules

“Sourcing” is where sales tax gets tricky for eCommerce sellers. There are two main types of sourcing rules, and states fall into either category:

Origin-based sales tax sourcing – In origin-based states, if you are based in the state and not considered a remote seller, then the rules say you collect sales tax based on the total sales tax rate at your business location.

Destination-based sales tax sourcing – Most states are destination-based states. In destination-based sales tax states, the rules say that you should charge sales tax based on the combined rate at your buyer’s location. By now you know how tricky this can get, with all those different city, county and special taxing district rates playing their part. Two towns that are 10 miles apart can have vastly different sales tax rates.

All states fall into either the origin-based or destination-based category, with the important exception of California, which is a “modified-origin” state. (You can read more about California sales tax here.)

For eCommerce sellers with sales tax nexus in multiple states, it’s important to note that if you are considered a “remote seller” (not based in a state) then you are required to use destination-based sourcing even when selling into origin-based states. Again, there are exceptions in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

Sales tax sourcing rules can be tough to wrap your mind around, so we wrote a whole post about Origin vs. Destination-Based Sales Tax States.

Product Taxability

As if this weren’t confusing enough, there’s also the fact that some products aren’t taxable in some states. Or some products are taxed at a different rate in some states.

For example, in Illinois grocery items are taxed at a reduced rate of 1%. In many other states, grocery items are not taxable at all. In New York, clothing under $110 is exempt from sales tax. But clothing is taxable in most states.

Each state will have differing rules about which products are taxable and tax exempt.

Shipping Taxability

Then there’s the matter of shipping. Some states consider shipping charges part of the total sale, and thus taxable if the sale is taxable.

Other states do not consider shipping a part of the total sale as long as the shipping charge is separately stated on the invoice.

Still other states, like Virginia, consider shipping non-taxable except if shipping and handling are combined – then the whole charge is taxable.

Confusing, right?

How Can I Collect the Right Amount of Sales Tax?

In the past, it has been up to you or your shopping cart to ensure you’re collecting the right amount of sales tax from your customers all the while following sourcing and product and shipping taxability rules. What a hassle.

TaxJar’s SmartCalcs sales tax API takes care of all that hassle – and it’s absolutely free for Magento merchants!

No matter if you have nexus in multiple destination-based states, or sell a product that is taxable in some states and exempt in others, TaxJar has your back.

Check it out for yourself with a 30-day-free trial.

There’s a whole lot more to sales tax than just charging the right rate. For more info, check out our Sales Tax 101 for Online Sellers guide. Or start the conversation in the comments!

TaxJar, a Magento Premier partner, is a service built to make sales tax calculation, reporting and filing simple for eCommerce sellers. Try a 30-day-free trial of TaxJar today and eliminate sales tax compliance headaches from your life!

About the Author

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 17.28.12

Mark Faggiano is the Founder and CEO of TaxJar – a service that automates sales tax compliance for over 5,000 eCommerce businesses. Mark has built a career around his passion for using technology to solve complex problems that hamper growth for small businesses. He previously co-founded and grew FileLater to become the web’s leading tax extension service for both businesses and individual taxpayers before it was acquired in 2010.

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Under the Hood of Bret Williams

Author: Ashley Overton  |  January 21, 2016

Bret Williams PhotoBret Williams is COO at Praxis IS (@praxisis), a development agency that delivers innovative solutions, tailored systems integrations, and best-in-class design to their clients. Bret has many years of experience in both the eCommerce space and with Magento. He has used his expertise to publish Mastering Magento, a book that guides readers through the set up and management of their Magento stores.

Within our interview with Bret, we got a sense of what it takes to be COO of a revolutionary development agency. Bret continues the interview by sharing his thoughts on the future of eCommerce, how he is planning to release not one, but two books on Magento 2, and how he spends his time outside of the office.

Can you describe what you really do at work?

My role at Praxis Information Science is to make sure that our work is being done efficiently and with the highest quality of delivery possible. At the same time, we’re all trying to change the paradigm of client expectations when it comes to Magento-related development work through complete transparency and accountability. It’s challenging, but in a really fun way.

If money was no object, what would you spend your days doing?

I’m a history buff, particularly Texas and US presidential history. I would most likely enjoy traveling the state and country taking photos and video, while researching and writing books.

In you spare time what do you get upto, and how do you balance this with your workload?

What spare time? I’m in the middle of writing two books on Magento 2 for Packt Publishing, as well. But, when I do get some time to myself, I enjoy riding my motorcycle and trying new restaurants. I am about to start a class on improvisation soon. I was an actor in my early years, so it will be fun to see if I still have my “chops.”

How do you see the future evolving for Magento and the eCommerce space in general?

With Magento 2, I think we’ll see a huge demand from companies who want to continue leveraging the cost advantage of Magento, especially when compared to platforms like DemandWare and Hybris. The new features will also make using Magento somewhat less risky for store owners, which will be a welcomed improvement. As much as hosted platforms will try to encroach in the enterprise space, I think their limitations for customization will still keep them at bay. E-commerce will continue to be an important aspect of any business type. The key for companies like ours is to help remove the mystique and complexity so companies can more readily embrace e-commerce. E-commerce is very complicated, but better integration of the entire workflow process will help, and I’m seeing more and more of that maturing.

What is usually your last thought before falling asleep?

Did I buy a lottery ticket today? I also thank God for today and tomorrow.

Who is your role model, and why?

While it may sound convenient to say Steve Jobs, I was a fan of his decades ago. His singular passion to bring computing to the masses cannot be understated. Microsoft had a vision of conquering business, but Jobs was after the public and, as we’ve certainly seen, that dedication to the mission was ultimately rewarded. While I don’t condone some of his personal choices (e.g. family), I do try to focus on my passion in e-commerce and, like with Jobs, I’d very much like to make it more accessible to a certain audience, namely emerging businesses, in a way they can make the choices that will make e-commerce work for them.

Whats the worst thing you have to do as part of your job role?

Drive to work on cold days. On warmer days, I bike in, but on colder days I have to drive in using a car and I miss the views, smells and experiences of riding a motorcycle to work.

What motivates you?

Knowing that I have a great margarita waiting for me at home at the end of a day. Or a good cabernet. Seriously, it’s having a client or colleague find that something I’ve done has made their life easier or more productive. I enjoy teaching younger folks coming into this industry and it’s very rewarding to see them achieve success in our field. I like making a difference.

What is the most played song on your MP3 player or phone?

I’m more of an Apple radio guy, usually listening to the Americana, Classic Country or Sinatra stations. I am wearing out a download of Adele’s new album, too. To me, she’s similar as a balladeer to Patsy Cline, Janice Joplin and Carole King. Great story tellers with songs full of emotion.

Would you like to plug anything?

Mastering Magento 2 is now on pre-order from Packt Publishing. The Magento 2 Administrator’s Guide is soon to follow. I’m writing the first one with Jon Bownds, also of Praxis, and the second with Cyndi, my wife and CEO of novusweb, llc.


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Magento 2 Shipping – ShipperHQ

Author: Karen Baker  |  January 8, 2016

We are (more than) excited to announce the release of ShipperHQ for Magento 2.

Included in this extension is the MatrixRates capability, maintaining our commitment to the open source community by releasing for free the most popular shipping extension on Magento Connect today.

What is ShipperHQ?

ShipperHQ is a highly flexible carrier agnostic rating focused solution for eCommerce.

Or put otherwise watch this video.


ShipperHQ takes over shipping rating in your checkout. With our capabilities you get the most advanced rating engine in the world today. I’ve not seen anything like it, we feel its unique in its proposition, and when teamed with Magento you have an extremely powerful capability. We are delivering beyond enterprise level functionality to the mainstream.

Key Features

There are many capabilities in ShipperHQ, I’ll list the main ones:

  1. Live Rating via Small Package with new carriers being added weekly
  2. LTL Rating with carriers such as Echo, Estes, YRC, UPS Freight®, FedEx Freight, ABF, Con-way, Old Dominion pre-integrated, support for accessorials, freight classes and more
  3. Support for International Shipping via Pitney Bowes
  4. Multi-origin capabilities to allow for accurate rating in a Dropship environment
  5. Time in Transit – so delivery dates, calenders, estimates on # days to arrive – a truly enterprise level solution, not just a date picker
  6. The most intelligent Shipping Rule Engine in the world – need to stop free shipping to AK, HI, or add a handling fee on oversize items, or add a packing weight to the calculation – all covered
  7. Dimensional Shipping – A unique solution thats propriatary to us, we have customers who were losing over 50K per year now making a profit on shipping with this 1 capability
  8. Address Validation/Residential Selector
  9. Backup Carriers – What happens when FedEx goes down?  We solve this issue
  10. Support for advanced Custom Rates. Forget ProductMatrix, we take it to a whole new level
  11. Shipping Analytics
  12. Store Pickup/Collect from Store
  13. Local Delivery within radius
  14. Same-Day Delivery
  15. And much more

What we have seen over the last couple of years is consumers want to know more, they want their goods sooner, and they love a promotion. ShipperHQ delivers on all.  With us taking on Amazon is a reality.

In phase 1 of the Magento 2 release we deliver the base capabilities that do not affect the checkout user interface.  We will be adding all the UI features such as calendar, split checkout, address validation in later releases, with the final component set to drop on April 1st 2016.  On Magento 1.x all these capabilities are already available.

Why ShipperHQ?

Back in 2010 we were getting a lot of requests from people for shipping functionality. We often couldn’t meet their needs, even with the many shipping extensions we had.  So we built out, we built more extensions, and we tried to bolt more on. Even back then I was very aware that this was not a cohesive solution because shipping is big, its moving fast as an industry and its complex.  We ended up with 100 git hub repos, 60+ demo stores and customers in over 80 countries.

At some point you have to change as a company.  I knew Magento 2 was coming, I also had demand from other platforms for our services. SAAS was the way forwards.

Some people look at an extension and think its a small body of work. Well in ShipperHQ we have over 100K lines of code just on the rating api side.  Let me assure you that what we do is not just a carrier, or an api hook, there are complex mathematical algorithms around logic such as Carrier Rules, Dimensional Packing, Time in Transit, Origin selection, etc etc.  To sit all that code inside PHP on a platform that moves and shifts, is different from site to site, well its just not possible, its not the way you progress as a company or a technology solution.

By building out ShipperHQ we have managed to do a number of things:

  1. Progress the technology and shipping features whilst waiting for Magento 2
  2. Reduce the time to market of a complex product set
  3. Bring you a single cohesive merchant friendly solution that allows you to move platforms, versions, etc and keep your configuration isolated from that
  4. Use Enterprise grade solutions – We use Java for our server API which gives us many advantages over a PHP based application. I used Java when writing Foreign Exchange trading systems 10 years ago, it’s mature and it works

Who is ShipperHQ For?

With over 70K people using WebShopApps shipping codebase and over 16K paying customers we have worked with many organisations over the years. Currently on ShipperHQ we serve from the smallest Mom/Pop store right upto sites such in the Alexa top 10K. As an indication one of our clients alone had over a million rate requests to ShipperHQ in December.  We regularly work with Enterprise merchants, ShipperHQ has been live now since 2014 and the majority of our initial customers were at the Enterprise level – they helped architect this system!

I firmly believe in localised staff that speak your language.  We have staff in the UK/US and Australia that do exactly that. We are available on the phone, via email and via chat. Shipping is not always easy, buying software is often more about the company than the code. The savings you make from shipping are very clear, our product pays for itself in minutes for many sites. 93% of customers on a site consider shipping as part of their purchase, thats how important shipping is. So don’t neglect it.


As part of the release of ShipperHQ we are also announcing the formal release of the ShipperHQ API, together with a test bed for agencies/developers.  If you want to use ShipperHQ but would rather write your own Magento 2 integration or if you want to use ShipperHQ on another platform entirely then our REST API allows you to do this.

Next week we will be providing access to ShipperHQ via github.  In this way you will be able to obtain the very latest code when you need it.

We are improving our consultancy services, plus also offering training for agencies in ShipperHQ.  You then have the choice for your merchants, if you want us to do end-2-end configuration we can, if you want to provide we can support you. We will have further details on this shortly.

Our committment to open source and Magento means over the coming months expect many free extensions from the ShipperHQ team. We will be providing free shipping capabilities across the board and hopefully continue to contribute to this great and wonderful community.

Who is the team behind ShipperHQ?

I think its important people understand who we are and why we care.  ShipperHQ is a bootstrapped company, I started it back in 2008 almost by accident, my husband was a small merchant and I built his first website on Magento 1.0 when it came out. The shipping didn’t work so I fixed it. Luckily I have an extensive background in software development so Magento wasn’t a major struggle.  This company was born from that experience.  We aren’t some faceless VC-backed company, this is a company of blood, sweat and tears.  I have a fantastic team around me, a team made up of unique individuals who each bring something great to the table. Its a privilege to work with them.

My goal for WebShopApps back in 2010/2011 was to be the largest shipping extension provider on Magento. My goal now as a company is to revolutionize shipping in eCommerce. I believe it can be less complex, should be simpler, and will be easier to manage, thats my goal. We still want to tackle many key areas, but with our partnerships with heavyweights such as UPS® and Pitney Bowes, together with our deep relationship with Magento I believe we will do this. Are you ready to join us?

How do I get it?

You can download direct from our site.  We will be listing on the new Magento Marketplace as soon as it becomes available.

And lastly

I’ll leave you with this. We are the only rating solution on Magento that is a UPS Ready® provider. We work with UPS® on a daily basis to make merchants lives easier.  Its a fact our rating is more accurate than Magento’s. And we have the support contracts with UPS® to back it up.  This is ShipperHQ by WebShopApps. Come talk to us.

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ShipperHQ becomes a UPS Ready™ Provider

Author: Karen Baker  |  April 17, 2015

The ShipperHQ team are proud to announce today that we have been approved as a UPS Ready provider. This makes us the first dedicated shipping rate management solution to achieve such status, and follows on the back of us being the first open source UPS Ready provider last year with our Delivery Options for UPS extension which adds support for UPS Access Point™ in Magento.ShipperHQ

For ShipperHQ to achieve this we have had to go through a rigorous amount of testing by UPS®, they don’t just approve anyone and have very strict standards. We have had the pleasure of working closely with the UPS Team in the last year. One of the reasons we have focused on UPS first is that we see them as a highly reputable and profesional organisation that has the same level of customer commitment and values as we have within ShipperHQ.

What makes us especially proud is that we are a fully bootstrapped, independently-owned, profitable business that has grown from the demand and with the support of merchants, agencies, and developers within the Magento ecosystem.  We pride ourselves on great customer service from staff that truly understand merchants first-hand and the complexities of Shipping.  We are not a company of spin, expert marketing and gimmicks, we are a company of true substance built on a solid foundation of knowledge in this space.

ShipperHQ Summary

ShipperHQ was born out of our desire to provide a single platform for Shipping Rate Management. Over the past 5+ years we have worked with many thousands of merchants, large, small, and everywhere in between, and produced over 300 extensions for Magento.  In 2014 we sold into over 70 countries worldwide, we estimate our extensions power shipping on over 70,000 Magento sites, and we have key partnerships in place with Web Design Agencies across the globe.

ShipperHQ StatisticsWe are now able to offer support across multiple eCommerce platforms, with integrations currently with Magento and Brilliant Retail. In the summer will be adding support for both WooCommerce and Prestashop, and we hope to announce more soon. We also provide an API so, if you prefer, you can integrate directly with ShipperHQ yourselves on whatever platform you’re using.

So what do We Offer Merchants?

Here are a few of the capabilities we offer in ShipperHQ:

  • Real-time Carrier Integration – currently we support over 20 carriers including Small Package and LTL, with a carrier-facing API allowing developers to integrate any carrier in the world into our solution. We expect to support over 40 carriers by the end of the year as part of the base installation.
  • Offline Shipping – At WebShopApps we produced the most intelligent ‘offline’ custom shipping solution in the world within our extensions. We have taken this experience and in ShipperHQ we offer an advanced shipping rule engine, allowing you to set up rates based on criteria such as destination, weight, price, qty, product type, origin, customer group, and much more. We can categorically say that there is no other solution in the world as advanced as this, we have checked!
  • Intelligent Rate manipulation – Our Rule Engine allows you to manipulate any rates for your precise needs. If you need to offer UPS for the Continental US, USPS for PO Boxes/APOs, refuse shipment of oversized or hazmat items to Alaska, we support it. If you want to offer shipping promotions such as buy 3 get Free Shipping, incentives, it’s there.
  • Time in Transit Capabilities – We support showing the estimated delivery date, selection of delivery date and estimated time in transit for FedEx, UPS, and Offline Shipping.  Combined with the Rule Engine you can specify logic such as Perishables need to arrive within 1 day of dispatch, and it’s going to get the best rate for that.
  • Multi-Origin Support – If you have multiple warehouses or are Dropshipping, we support it.  You can select the carriers for each origin, restrict the shipping methods, and even restrict the country, state, city the origin serves.
  • Dimensional Shipping – Over the past 4 years we have worked with merchants to solve real-life dimensional shipping scenarios.  There is not a “one-size fits all” solution for this and anyone that says otherwise doesn’t understand the space. What we offer are a variety of algorithms and choices for setup, which allow you to tailor it for your specific needs. Our offering is totally unique and proven ‘in the field.’
  • Shipping Analytics – Having trackable metrics for your shipping lets you make sure you’re serving your customers well and helps you avoid surprises. If you want to know where your customers are shipping, the types of rates that are being returned, the average weight of the products in your customers carts or more, we have it.

Intelligent Rate CalculationAll of this culminates in a solution that will save merchants time and money and give them competitive advantage. The stats point to the fact that Amazon Prime is winning the customers, and a large part of their success has been because of the free shipping they offer. New companies such as have at their core reducing shipping costs, it’s is very evident that your shipping policy lies at the heart of the success of your store.

We are confident with our solution Merchants will have true competitive advantage, plus get full control of their shipping costs.

Most of all, we give you choice. It’s your site, your company.  We aren’t going to push our own rates, you can use your own, we aren’t going to advise on carriers that might not be right for you, its ultimately totally agnostic, you, the merchant, are in full control.

UPS Capabilities Offered

As part of the UPS Ready program we have been approved for the following capabilities:

  • Rating – We have full integration with UPS rating, covering all available options, including international delivery
  • Locator – We are the first UPS Ready UPS Access Point Rating solution. UPS Access Point provides merchants with the ability to offer customers pickup at store capabilities, thus allowing customers to pick up their deliveries from the grocery store, the pharmacy, UPS Store™, and 10,000 other locations in the US, Europe and Canada
  • Time in Transit – We provide the ability to give real-time estimated delivery dates, time in transit, and even calendar based selection
  • UPS Freight – We offer UPS Ground Freight with support for accessorials such as liftgate, destination type, and NMFC classes

 Benefits of being a UPS Ready Provider

UPS RegistrationUPS works closely with UPS Ready providers to make sure that they have the most up-to-date information about UPS services. New shipping options, changes to existing options, or even technical changes that may impact your site are all communicated up-front with UPS Ready providers. This means ShipperHQ can be proactive, ensuring that merchants have access to the options they need.

Contact us for more information & to setup a no-obligation trial.  Connect with Karen, Daniel or Genevieve at Magento Imagine in April, IRCE in June.

Feel free to reach out and we will show you why ShipperHQ is the platform for now and the future!


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Magento’s Imagine eCommerce 2014 Conference

Author: Daniel Ziegler  |  May 28, 2014

It’s been two weeks since Imagine 2014 wrapped and the WebShopApps team is back at their desks hard at work making shipping as simple as possible for eCommerce merchants and web developers. However, we recently took a little while to reflect back on Imagine 2014 and put together a slideshow of what we did before, during, and after Imagine. Most of our team arrived on Saturday and we had a few hours for relaxing, planning, and, for several of our developers, stopping by the Magento Hackathon.

Imagine StageTransformingOn Sunday morning we headed out of the city for a team-building exercise. After the thrills of driving a buggy across the beautiful Nevada desert, consider the team built! We had enough time to clean the sand out of our hair before we headed over to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to get the party started. The pre-Imagine events were a great time to get to know many key members of the Magento community in a more intimate setting before the majority of attendees arrived on Monday. WebShopApps was proud to sponsor the #PreImagine Tweetup event.

Once Imagine began in earnest, our team split up with some of us going through the breakout session tracks; others spending time at our stand meeting customers, friends, and partners; others spent time meeting face to face with people we interact with regularly via phone and email. We were spread out during the day but gathered for the engaging keynote sessions. We were pleased to see so many WebShopApps customers and partners on stage throughout the event and we inspired by many of the keynote speakers.

ShipperHQSwagatStandOf particular interest to us was Malcolm Gladwell‘s talk on the tipping points that allow for transformation. He focused on shipping and, specifically Malcom McLean whose development of the standardized shipping container revolutionized commercial shipping. Gladwell left us with the encouragement to “Stand up and re-imagine your business.” That’s exactly what we’re doing at WebShopApps.

Following Imagine, our team got together again at Zion National Park in southern Utah for a few days of strategic planning, further team-building, and, of course, good fellowship, food, and drinks. We even had time for several hours spent hiking the Narrows or Angel’s Landing. This gave us time to start processing all that we had learned and experienced during Imagine.

There’s no doubt that Magento and the community that surrounds it is on the cutting edge of eCommerce. Because of this, it felt entirely appropriate that Imagine 2014 was the venue where we introduced the world to the revolution in eCommerce shipping: ShipperHQ.

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The Evolution of eCommerce Shipping has Arrived

Author: Karen Baker  |  May 10, 2014

WebShopApps have been working hard over the past year and the US team are now proud to launch ShipperHQ, the first carrier agnostic platform for managing and manipulating shipping rates.  Initially rolling out to Magento Enterprise customers, we’ll be adding support for Magento Community, Shopify, and BrilliantRetail by end of June, with other platforms including Big Commerce being added in Q3.

For many of our customers, shipping is becoming a big part of their business. As competition in the online space grows, and as the eCommerce companies themselves continue to expand at a rapid rate it’s becoming ever more paramount to be able to offer customers the most accurate shipping prices possible, whilst having the flexibility to offer ad-hoc shipping promotions, loss-leaders, etc.

With the ShipperHQ platform, we’re working to bring together our deep experience and powerful software developed over the past 5 years into a single, simple to use interface.  Our aim: to empower merchants to control their shipping without the boundaries and restriction of technology holding them back.  With ShipperHQ we believe we have the future of eCommerce Shipping in our sights.

ShipperHQ will allow merchants to use their own carrier rates, set up special promotions, manage dimensional logic, implement multi-origin drop shipping, and give customers accurate timings on when deliveries will arrive. All of this inside a single consolidated solution that will only grow as we add and expand our capabilities. With partnerships in place across small package and LTL freight logistics providers we’re well positioned to provide merchants with the power they need, without the hassle of custom integration.

If you want to see the future of eCommerce shipping, stop by our lounge (#60) in Magento’s Imagine eCommerce conference marketplace! We’ll be glad to walk you through the powerful capabilities and shipping-centric dashboard of ShipperHQ or schedule a demo for a later date. Won’t be at Imagine? Contact us to set up a demo.

About WebShopApps

Far away from the VC backed world of Silicon Valley, a small company that recently moved its headquarters from the UK to Dublin, Ohio is changing the face of shipping within eCommerce.  WebShopApps was founded in 2008 by CEO Karen Baker and now, via a combination of paid and free apps, has over 70,000 merchants using their shipping rate software within the eBay-owned Magento ecosystem. WebShopApps are proud to be Magento Platinum Industry Partners, and innovators in the space of shipping rate software.  Watch this space!

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