UPS LTL Freight to Resume Pickups 11/11


Update from the Wall Street Journal on November 11, 2018:

“United Parcel Service Inc.’s UPS -0.07% freight workers ratified a final contract offer, averting a work stoppage that prompted the carrier to clear its network ahead of the vote.

The final offer cleared with 77% of votes cast approving the five-year contract, the Teamsters union said Sunday. The agreement covers 11,600 workers.

UPS said it would immediately resume pickups for its freight customers, which primarily ship heavier goods and bulk shipments that move on pallets.”

Previous blog content:

UPS LTL Freight to Stop Pickups on 11/7

UPS Ground Freight (LTL) has announced that they will stop pickups on Wednesday, November 7th to ensure customers do not have LTL shipments stranded in the UPS Freight network in the event of a work stoppage.

If you need to ensure you can have your LTL shipments picked up, ShipperHQ is recommending that you switch to a different LTL carrier until UPS Freight is able to once again pick up and deliver LTL shipments.

NOTE: This does not affect UPS Small Package or UPS Ground with Freight pricing (GFP).


UPS Freight is planning on emptying their network of freight within their system by Friday, November 9th. They are also only guaranteeing delivery of ground freight (LTL) shipments through Thursday, November 8th.

According to UPS’s official update on the service outages, the last days for ground freight (LTL) pickup will be as follows:

  • Thursday, November 1 for 5-day shipping commitments
  • Friday, November 2 for 4-day shipping commitments
  • Monday, November 5 for 3-day shipping commitments
  • Tuesday, November 6 for 2-day shipping commitments
  • Wednesday, November 7 for 1-day shipping commitments

ShipperHQ/WebShopApps Customers

If you are using UPS Freight you will continue to get rate estimates for all shipments, including shipments that have delivery dates after November 8.

If you attempt to have a shipment scheduled to be delivered after November 8, you will not be able to schedule a pickup.  To ensure that your LTL shipments will be picked up, we recommend you switch to an alternative carrier during this time. If you need assistance with selecting a carrier at short notice, please contact us.

We also recommend switching on a backup carrier in ShipperHQ. Although we have been informed rating will still work, we cannot guarantee this functionality.

Other Merchants/Retailers

Please check with your software provider to ensure that you will still be able to do rating throughout this period.

ShipperHQ will continue to monitor the news regarding UPS Freight’s ability to support LTL shipping and provide more details as they are announced. We expect UPS to release more information about how and when services will be resuming by Monday morning.