This week in the world of shipping and eCommerce…

In our weekly round up of the latest shipping and eCommerce news and tips, we’re taking a look at what consumers want from the post purchase experience.

eCommerce Shipping Still Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

In this Forbes Post, BigCommerce Chief Product Officer Jimmy Duvall provides this insight:

“Consumers are frustrated about things that happen after they make the purchase. Whether it’s hidden shipping fees, late deliveries or trouble tracking shipments, people remain dissatisfied with that part of the process. As much as a consumer might like a brand or its products, there are very real consequences to subjecting them to ongoing shipping frustrations.”

Jimmy Duvall, BigCommerce Chief Product Officer


ShipperHQ Takeaway:

Merchants have to get shipping right. Shoppers will leave bad reviews, comment on social media and could stop buying all together if they’re unhappy with the shipping experience. Merchants who can master their shipping strategy position themselves for better growth and greater market share.

Great Shipping and Logistics: The Key to eCommerce Success

In our last article we looked at the importance of delivering a great shipping experience. This next article shows a real-life example of what happens when you don’t. Online retailer ASOS asked social media followers to complete this sentence: Fill in the blank: All I want for Christmas is ______ from ASOS.

The results were not what they expected. Read the full story to see the responses. Each one of them highlights a different shipping issue customers faced from ASOS.


ShipperHQ Takeaway:

With the explosive growth of social media, customers may be more likely to complain directly to you instead of contacting customer service. It’s worth looking at the complaints raised in this article to see both how you could avoid them as well as how to respond effectively if they showed up on your company’s social profile.

What Do Shoppers Want from BOPUS?

In our last article in today’s reading list, we take a look at the growing trend of in-store pick up a.k.a. “click and collect”. An increasing number of consumers are using and searching for retailers that offer this type of service. So what are the top reasons they use BOPUS (by online, pick up in-store)?

  • Avoid shipping fees
  • Save time
  • Pick-up the same day
  • Ensure the item in actually in stock


ShipperHQ Takeaway:

With more retailers utilizing in-store pick up, it becomes increasingly important for smaller businesses to offer this option to stay competitive. This can be tricky if you only have a handful of locations or don’t have any brick-and-mortar stores. In that case, consider offering shipping to a UPS Access Point as an alternative to in-store pickup.

That’s it for this week round up! Check back next Friday for our latest must-reads on shipping and eCommerce.