Zenda’s Integration with ShipperHQ Makes It Easier Than Ever for Merchants to Reach European Consumers and Save on Shipping

We’re happy to welcome Zenda into the ShipperHQ family!

Powered by British Airways, Zenda provides merchants a simple shipping solution for sending packages from the US to the UK and Europe. With Zenda and ShipperHQ together, merchants get access to an exciting new cross-border shipping solution that provides parcel delivery at exceptional speed and value.

Expenses and hassles are no longer good excuses for merchants to avoid cross-border shipping. And with 70% of online shoppers looking internationally, the growth of eCommerce continues to push new and better solutions for tech, logistics, and communication.

The timing of our relationship with ShipperHQ is excellent. Cross-border is the fastest growing sector of eCommerce. And with this partnership we are well-positioned to give the industry one of the first Delivered Duty Paid shipping solutions.

Steve Carr, National Accounts Manager, Zenda

93% of online merchants already offering or planning to offer, cross-border shipping this year. Now’s the time for merchants to enter European markets with Zenda before competitors stake their claim.

What is Zenda?

Have you ever shipped something to an international customer, only to have the customer receive a surprise bill for extra taxes and duties instead of their package?

Well in order to get your order into their hands, the customer has to pay these extra fees. Not a great customer experience, right?

Thanks to Zenda, you can avoid this poor experience for your customers.

Zenda is ShipperHQ’s first DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipping partner to offer fully landed cost. With DDP, customers can see a real-time calculation of taxes and duties directly on the checkout page.

Now customers can pay for all shipping costs upfront and can say goodbye to surprise fees, uncertainty and delivery headaches all too common of most international orders.

By offering a 4 to 8 day delivery service to Europe, home to 500,000,000 customers – Zenda is particularly attractive to those customers who don’t need overnight shipping, and are looking to save money without sacrificing service. In fact, Zenda’s prices are 30 to 50 percent less expensive than typical Express rates, giving customers choice and better value on shipping.

How Does Zenda Work and Where is it Available?

Since Zenda is built into the ShipperHQ dashboard, merchants can offer it as a shipping option directly at the checkout. When a customer is ready to select a shipping option, they let them know right off the bat exactly how much they are paying for their order, duties and taxes included.

Once an online order is ready to be shipped off, Zenda notifies a parcel courier to swing by a merchant’s warehouse, pick up their packages, and deliver them straight to the nearest airport. Packages are then flown overnight to Europe, automatically customs cleared through customers, and delivered to the customer’s doorstep via a parcel delivery agent.

As a sister company of British Airways, Zenda flies packages from the United States to 25 European countries daily. Merchants located close to one of the 21 British Airways airport locations in the US can get Zenda up and running in a couple weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Zenda from a Merchant’s Perspective?

Zenda’s integration with ShipperHQ gives merchants access to the first carrier to offer fully landed cost today.

With Zenda, merchants can:

  • Address the top purchasing concerns of overseas shoppers
  • Automatically create all necessary customs documents and declarations
  • Clear customers without delays
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment, which averages at more than 70% worldwide
  • Kick back and no longer worry about time commitments, monthly subscription fees, or accessorial fees, like fuel surcharges, residential delivery or proof of delivery

What Are the Benefits of Zenda from a Customer’s Perspective?

Zenda provides customers with an attractive alternative to those that want both fast delivery and better value on shipping.

With Zenda, customers receive:

  • Package delivery from the US to the UK and Europe in just 4 to 8 days
  • Shipping rates 30 to 50 percent less expensive than Express services
  • Full visibility of taxes and duties at checkout, with no surprise fees at delivery
  • Door-to-door tracking with over 60 updates on where their order is at all times
  • Top notch customer service without delivery delays or unexpected shipping fees

More to Come with Zenda and ShipperHQ

Good news for Magento customers; Zenda is already available in the ShipperHQ Marketplace to add to your carrier network! We are working together to expand this offering to more eCommerce platforms in the next several months.

While Zenda currently ships to 25 European countries, future destinations include Australia and Canada, as well as reverse routes back to the US.

Additionally, Zenda and ShipperHQ will be working together at two upcoming trade shows: Magento Imagine in May, and IRCE in June. Visit us for an in-person demo of the platform and to hear more about our early access program.

Interested in simplifying your international shipping? You can find out more with this 2-minute video. Contact us today to find out if Zenda is the right fit for your shipping needs!


Liz is the Content Manager at ShipperHQ. She loves helping merchants understand what they need to do to make their customer's happy at checkout. A born and raised Austinite, she's a typical local that enjoys playing music, visiting food trucks, yoga and obsessing over her dog.