New ShipperHQ Landed Cost Engine and Cross-Border Partnerships Help Merchants Unlock New International Markets  

International cross-border commerce presents a massive new area of growth for eCommerce merchants. According to recent studies, 70% of online shoppers buy internationally and every seventh online purchase is now a cross-border transaction.*

To put it mildly, cross-border commerce represents a massive opportunity for eCommerce merchants. You’ve got potential customers around the globe, demand is growing, your competitors are doing it—so what’s stopping you?

Typically, one of the biggest challenges standing in the way of taking advantage of selling internationally is confusion and uncertainty on customs, duties and taxes.

From a customer’s point of view, this challenge isn’t that shocking. After all, who wants to be hit with a surprise bill after you’ve placed an order online? It’s not a great customer experience.

But don’t fret merchants, ShipperHQ has assembled a portfolio of hand-picked cross-border solutions that address this exact challenge.

Whether you’ve been selling internationally for years, looking to accelerate sales to Europe from the US, or are just getting started and need a quick way to expand globally, ShipperHQ’s growing cross-border portfolio has you covered.

Through ShipperHQ’s new Marketplace partnerships, merchants no longer have to experience one-size fits all shipping solutions. Instead, they can assemble a powerful shipping tech stack and pick cross-border options that take care of a range of shipping needs.

ShipperHQ Landed Cost Engine (LCE)

The new ShipperHQ Landed Cost Engine (LCE)—powered by Hurricane Commerce—presents accurate fully landed costs to customers directly at checkout. Merchants who add this feature to their ShipperHQ account erase any confusion about duties and taxes, which is a key cause of cart abandonment from international buyers.

Here’s what’s packed into the Landed Cost Engine.  

  • A Cutting-Edge Classification Engine that accurately labels goods, accounting for differences in terminology from country to country
  • Real-time duties & tax calculations in checkout, eliminating surprises for customers and improving conversion rates on international sales


ShipperHQ’s new partnership with FlavorCloud provides merchants with easy, affordable and friction-free anywhere to anywhere international shipping. With FlavorCloud, merchants benefit from a network of 150+ carriers and logistics partners which are fine-tuned to optimize conversion by as much as 60%. And as an added bonus, FlavorCloud facilitates easy returnseliminating roadblocks to international sales that often hamper a merchant’s ability to enter international markets in the first place.

By using Flavorcloud, merchants can offer:

  • Great Rates through a machine-learning-driven carrier selection at volume discounted shipping rates
  • Guaranteed Landed Costs at checkout so all charges are shown upfront and unexpected fees are never passed on to customers
  • Seamless international returns with handling of invoices, labels and customs paperwork included

Zenda—Powered by British Airways

Backed by British Airways, Zenda makes it easier than ever for merchants to send packages from the US to the UK and Europe at exceptional speed and value. By calculating fully landed cost at checkout, customers see upfront exactly how much they are paying for their order, duties, taxes and shipping included.

By using Zenda, merchants can provide their customers with:

  • 4 to 8 day delivery from the US to 25 European countries
  • Competitive prices at shipping rates up to 50% less expensive than Express services
  • Pre-paid duties and taxes to eliminate surprise fees and package delays
  • Door-to-door tracking to reassure customers throughout the delivery journey

The combined power of the ShipperHQ Landed Cost Engine and cross-border partnerships unshackles merchants from technology limitations and one-size-fits all solutions. Now merchants can make a great leap in their ability to deliver a superior experience for international customers—and tap into the massive opportunity for cross-border eCommerce.

*Sources: Pitney Bowes 2017 Global eCommerce Study; The 21st Century Spice Trade: A Guide to the Cross-Border E-Commerce Opportunity by DHL