ShipperHQ Expands Partnership with LTL logistics manager Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce to Deliver the Online Parcel Experience to Heavy Freight

Consumers today have little patience for companies that fail to deliver on a great post-purchase experience, regardless of whether your goods are transported via a small parcel or LTL carrier.

According to Salesforce Research “State of the Connected Customer,” 82% of business buyers say they want the same experience online as when they’re buying for themselves. Yet in the same study, only 27% of B2B retailers said that businesses excel at meeting these standards.

In other words, B2B buyers demand convenience and agility because of the experiences they have in their personal lives.

Unfortunately, not every business is able to keep up with these growing expectations and with technology in general. This is particularly true in the B2B logistics industry.

What does B2B logistics require?

B2B logistics technology requires a sophisticated level of customization. Shipping costs and options often differing greatly from customer to customer.

While many B2B businesses are still playing catch up to create technology that meets these requirements, Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce is the exception.

Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce has always been ahead of the curve with bringing the small parcel shipping experience to LTL freight. That’s why we are excited to officially announce our Premium Partnership with them.

Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce, a superior B2B & D2C eCommerce experience for LTL Freight

For over 100 years, Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce has simplified all aspects of transportation management for merchants selling heavy equipment, palletized goods, appliances and oversized durables to other businesses.

Typically, LTL freight is not an industry known for its innovation.

Complex and old fashioned ways of operating often leave buyers and sellers with a less-than-stellar experience. Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce uses their deep expertise and genuine client care to take on the grunt work of LTL shipping for you.

From handling carrier negotiation, freight bill administration and reporting, system integrations and more, Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce can lift efficiency and cost-effectiveness across your entire organization.

With Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce, you no longer have the pay for multiple carrier connections, spend hours mulling over hundreds of invoices, or pay more for heavy freight. Instead, you can streamline inbound freight management, reduce administrative burden, and calculate live LTL rates in a matter of milliseconds

Working together since 2014

We first got connected with Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce in 2012, but really started our partnership in 2014.

“Though we have a new Premium Partnership, we have a long history of working together with Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce and a huge amount of respect for the integrity they bring to their business,” said Daniel Ziegler, Senior Business Analyst at ShipperHQ.

“We first met because we were working with the same eCommerce merchant and ended up collaborating closely to help them expand into a new market by offing real-time LTL Freight Rates at checkout.”

The amount of work Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce puts into connecting merchants with LTL options that fit with their business goals goes above and beyond what you would expect from a service provider in this space. This allows merchants to instead focus on their businesses.

“We’ve enjoyed working with Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce from the very beginning. One of the reasons why is because they work so hard to make the experience for merchants as complex free as possible. In the world of LTL, they can do this without sacrificing any capabilities,” continued Ziegler.

Expanding the Partnership with Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce

Because we’ve worked with Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce for so many years now, we are more than excited to announce their expanded relationship as a ShipperHQ Premium Partner.

One key value we share with Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce is a sincere interest in the success of their clients. It’s a big part of why we have such a good business relationship. We share many of the same values and happen to have team strengths and areas of technical focus which complement one another.”

Daniel Ziegler, Senior Business Analyst at ShipperHQ

All of our Premium Partners are innovators in their field, pushing the status quo to provide better or unique services. They are also recognized for their dedication to first-rate customer service, for both merchants and the end consumer.

You can rest easy knowing both your business and your shipments are in good hands with Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce.

With Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce and ShipperHQ Together, You Can:

  • Present live LTL rates directly in the cart and checkout
  • Offer transparent accessorials to ensure smooth residential and non-dock deliveries
  • Conduct BOL and invoice auditing to save you thousands per month
  • Generate LTL freight tracking for total visibility into each shipment

Through our partnership, merchants can easily integrate Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce into their ShipperHQ dashboard and expand their LTL shipping offering.

By utilizing Kuehne+Nagel LTL eCommerce and the ShipperHQ together, you have access to the seamless checkout experience you’re accustomed to with small packages, but for large and oversized purchases.