Online shoppers have increasingly high expectations, especially around their delivery experience

Did you know that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience? 

By 2020, customer experience is expected to become the biggest brand differentiator. Just think about a few of the most successful brands today. 

From giants like Apple and Nike, to DTC brands like Glossier and Brooklinen, the common thread that runs between them all is their commitment to customer feedback.

Because of this promise, they’ve created a revolving door of customer experience improvements with every update or product release. 

Today, you can have the best products at the best price point. Yet, creating seamless connections with your customers will be the reason your brand wins their loyalty. And why your company will remain successful. 

So in the world of eCommerce, what’s the customer experience sticking point that will make or break whether a consumer will come back again and again? Well, unsurprisingly it’s shipping and delivery

According to a recent Metapack study, 61% of consumers say a positive delivery experience incentivizes them to shop with an e-tailer again. 

Which means, your customers care a whole lot about the shipping rates and delivery choices you offer them at checkout. 

Let’s zero in on the delivery choices piece of that.

Here are the three factors that impact whether or not your store ticks the box on having a stellar customer experience. 

3 Things Online Customers Expect in their Delivery Experience


More than half of online shoppers have abandoned a purchase due to unsatisfactory delivery choices. 

Customers want the flexibility to work within their own schedule. They don’t like the idea of having to take off work for a large (or expensive) package. Or, about working about signing for delivery.

A few things they’re looking for at checkout include: 

  • Time slot delivery, or the ability to choose what time their order will arrive
  • Date selection, or being able to select what date an order will reach them
  • In-store or alternative pickup, or the option to pick up their goods in person at a retail location

At the end of the day, your customer wants the checkout experience to feel personalized. By ensuring your customer’s shopping (and delivery) experience is quick and easy, they will be more likely to buy from you – and come back for their next purchase. 

Giving your customer the ability to choose when and where an order is delivered will also save you time fielding customer service calls about failed delivery attempts and package arrival times.


Even if you provide delivery dates, your customer will still wonder if an order will get to them when they expect it. In fact, 54% of consumers say that clear, accurate tracking is an important consideration for the majority of their purchases. 

In 2020, your customers expect to have real-time updates as the package moves through a carrier’s network. With nearly 90% of consumers tracking the delivery status of an order, it’s vital to effectively communicate what’s going on.

However, it’s not enough to just have package tracking available. Your customer wants to be able to choose the medium (email, text, etc.) they will receive updates from and their frequency.

Whatever the medium they choose, it’s always a good idea to add tracking numbers to all fulfilled order. Plus, an easy way to keep up with this information like an order status page. 


According to a survey by, nearly 4 out of 10 people have had their packages stolen off their porches, stoops and doorsteps. 

In recent years, reports of stolen packages have exploded to nearly 600 percent in large cities like Los Angeles. 

Statistics like these don’t exactly give your customers peace of mind. But they are considering other ways to ensure that goods get to them before they get into a thief’s hands, like installing security systems and cameras. 

Diverting packages to another secure address is also becoming popularized by consumers. And that doesn’t just mean depending on their neighbor (or a friend or relative) to participate to hold packages for them.

One option you have as a merchant is to start offering alternative pickup through FedEx Hold at Location services.

How FedEx Hold at Location Improves Your Delivery Experience

FedEx Hold at Location allows your customers to ship their packages to thousands of participating retailers nationwide. This includes FedEx Office, Walgreens and Dollar General. 

This checkout option helps to prevent failed delivery attempts and work within your customer’s schedule. They can even request to change their delivery time or location in-transit.

It also helps you keep deliveries safe and secure from inclement weather to porch pirates.

As a merchant, adding FedEx HAL to your checkout means your customers have more delivery choices. You also get the added benefit of avoiding residential fees or signature costs.

90% of people in the U.S. within five miles of a FedEx Hold at Location destination. Which means, your customers can easily take control and request this FedEx® shipping option to meet their needs.

How to Get Started with FedEx Hold at Location for ShipperHQ

Our out-of-the-box support for FedEx Hold at Location services makes it easy to add this convenient shipping option to your existing ShipperHQ account and straight into your eCommerce checkout. 

Through this new integration, merchants using ShipperHQ can also create custom shipping rules for each delivery option. Such as, restricting Hold at Location to certain products, shipping zones or weight limits. 

Now it’s easier than ever to offer alternative pickup at checkout and manage all your preferred FedEx delivery methods in one place. 

Want to access a free ShipperHQ plan with FedEx Hold at Location?

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This free plan includes: 

  • ShipperHQ connected to your store’s website
  • One shipping origin and FedEx Hold at Location as your delivery method
  • Personalized shipping rules and restrictions for your FedEx Hold at Location carrier
  • Best-in-class support, both in-app and with our robust knowledge base

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