If you’ve used WebShopApps extensions in the past and are looking for a new solution for your shipping rate management, here’s what you need to know about ShipperHQ.

When WebShopApps – the founding company of ShipperHQ – launched back in 2008, it quickly became the go-to shipping extension provider for the Magento ecosystem.

The extensions were built to address a variety of different shipping variables that impact a merchant’s ability to serve a customer. And they worked well for many, many years (and still do).

However, like all software, WebShopApps extensions have their own quirks.

For one, they are difficult to make a quick update to if you are not a technical person. And since they run on a merchant’s own server, they can potentially conflict, or be incompatible with, other solutions.

Because of these reasons (and more), our team knew they had to build an all-in-one platform instead of offering new extensions every time a request came in for a new feature.  That’s how the idea of ShipperHQ came about.

If you’re a merchant who has used WebShopApps extensions in the past and are wondering about how the two products compare against each other, read on.

What are the biggest product differences between WebShopApps and ShipperHQ?

WebShopApps and ShipperHQ: High-Level Product Comparison

Individual ExtensionsCloud-based Platform
One-time fee with a year of free updatesMonthly or Annual fee
Extensions built for Magento 1 or Magento 2Built for Magento 1, Magento 2, BigCommerce, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WooCommerce, Zoey
Redownload and repurchase required for Extension updates (after 1 year)Automatic Product Updates
Hosted on Merchant’s ServerHosted on ShipperHQ’s server
Extension Development PausedNew Development & Feature Requests Ongoing
Highly Responsive Support Services Available via Chat, Phone and EmailHighly Responsive Support Services Available via Chat, Phone and Email

As a merchant, probably the biggest difference between WebShopApps and ShipperHQ is the user experience. 

Both WebShopApps and ShipperHQ are built to help retailers optimize their checkout with flexible shipping and delivery options. Merchants can customize how much they charge customers for shipping, plus the delivery methods available to them, based on rules and restrictions they configure.

However, the way you set this up (and how you have access to this functionality in the first place) is very different from each other.

How WebShopApps and ShipperHQ Work

First off, WebShopApps merchants pay a one-time fee and receive a zip file with the extension for their lifetime.

You have to download individual extensions to access different shipping functionalities, like setting up dimensional shipping or custom table rates for products. Users input their requirements within a CSV file and upload it directly into the Magento admin panel.

However, if an update was made to the extension, you have re-download it and possibly pay for an upgrade (if you need an updated extension after a year from the purchase date). 

In comparison, at its core, ShipperHQ is like WebShopApps on steroids.

It’s essentially a culmination of the most popular WebShopApps extensions rolled into one but with more customization involved. Merchants have access to a single dashboard where all new development gets released to it.

Unlike WebShopApps, it is available to merchants on platforms other than Magento, including BigCommerce, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WooCommerce and Zoey. Since ShipperHQ is a SaaS product, merchants also pay a monthly or annual fee to use it. 

Now, let’s go ahead and break down the main feature differences between the top 6 WebShopApps Extensions compared to ShipperHQ’s platform. 

Feature Comparison: The top 6 WSA Extensions and ShipperHQ

1. Premium Matrix Rates

WebShopApps Premium Matrix Rates extension is an advanced multiple table rates extension that allows you to define shipping rates according to: destination, subtotal, quantity, cart weight or a combination of these.  

The way this is handled in ShipperHQ is through our Table Rate functionality.

In ShipperHQ, you can create a highly flexible custom rate matrix that establishes your rates according to all the factors listed above, plus by product, shipping price and customer group. 

For the most part, Table Rate carriers in ShipperHQ are used for tiered flat rates, local delivery truck rate, custom rates, call for quote or carriers not yet integrated with our platform.

With ShipperHQ, you can choose to manually add each table rate to our dashboard or upload a CSV file with all your entries.

2. Product Matrix

WebShopApps Product Matrix shipping extension is similar to Premium Matrix Rates – you can define rates according to destination, price, quantity weight or a combination of these.

But on top of this, you can create shipping groups for specific products (perishable, fragile) and customer groups (wholesalers, loyalty members) that have their own rates as well. 

For this extension, shipping options are basically displayed according to the products a customer has at checkout. 

In ShipperHQ, this is handled both through our Table Rate functionality (as mentioned above) and through Shipping Rules.

Shipping Rules is one of the powerful core functionalities included with any ShipperHQ plan. In sum, it gives you the flexibility to make sure your customers see the exact shipping options and rates you want to offer them for a given scenario. 

You can configure your shipping rates and options based on all the factors listed previously.

Additionally, this includes setting up

  • Product-based rules (only ship x product via FedEx)
  • Minimum and maximum charges (shipping rates cannot exceed $20)
  • Origin-based rules (orders going to California are charged $9.99)
  • Marketing or promotion-based rules (20% off shipping for office supplies)
  • Free shipping-based rules (no shipping fee for orders over $75)
  • Date-based rules ($2 shipping for all orders in February)
  • Address type-based rules (P.O. Boxes get charged $1 extra)

3. Shipping Override

WebShopApps Shipping Override allows you to surcharge, hide or restrict shipping options and rates for destinations, weights, products, subtotals and customer groups. Yes, this includes applying standard table rates to some products and live courier rates to others.

For example, you can hide everything apart from ground shipping for hazmat products or add a $20 surcharge for fragile items. 

In ShipperHQ, the ability to surcharge and restrict shipping is rolled into our Shipping Rules feature.

Which means, you can set up this information in the same place as you create shipping rules and shipping-based discounts and promotions. This makes it easier to ensure that your shipping strategy actually makes sense, doesn’t cause contradictions and is still compliant to industry regulations. 

4. Dimensional Shipping

Dimensional Shipping in WebShopApps and Dimensional Packing in ShipperHQ works out the best boxes to use for an order so you get more accurate shipping rates.

You can specify how products are grouped together before being shipped out, including whether they need to be shipped separately or in the same box. 

However, the primary difference is that in ShipperHQ it is far more flexible, customizable and just plain user friendly. 

With WebShopApps, you have to configure this information within the Magento admin panel and for only FedEx, UPS or USP live rates. In ShipperHQ, you can use Dimensional Packing from any Live Rate Carrier

Our algorithm also looks at:

  • Dimensions for your products (defined in your eCommerce platform)
  • Dimensions of all the packages you use to ship (boxes, envelopes or pallets)
  • Identification of any products or groups of products that have special handling

Because of this information, we are able to determine the best packages for you to use and pass it on to the carrier.

If you have custom rates, ShipperHQ will use your details and, depending on what the items are in the cart, calculate which box to use and how much to charge. 

5. LTL Freight

This one is pretty straightforward. LTL Freight for WebShopApps allows you to integrate with multiple LTL carriers. 

However, like Dimensional Shipping, you have to do this manually within the Magento admin panel (aka filling out a lot of forms).

In ShipperHQ, you can enable and disable LTL carriers without having to install another extension. 

The LTL Freight function in ShipperHQ gives you the capability to provide your customers live LTL rates in your checkout automatically. In other words, you just plug in your carrier credentials and we pull in the rates for you. 

Plus, you can apply rules to certain freight carriers and rate shop against all the delivery options you’ve set up. Meaning, your customer will only get the the best freight rates possible.

This includes any negotiated rates you may have with specific LTL carriers.

6. DropShip

Dropship from WebShopApps lets you manage rates from multiple shipping origins, such as having a warehouse in both New York and California. This extension also supports rating from dropship vendors. 

All this functionality is now covered through ShipperHQ’s Multi-Origin Shipping feature – and more.

For instance, you are able to generate shipping rates from multiple origins and display the sum of the order (or show this information separately). 

Once you have defined a shipping origin, you can set shipping rules and restrictions for that specific fulfillment location.

If all SKUs are available at two origins, for example, you can make sure you fulfill out of the closest location to a customer. Additionally, you can choose to fulfill out of the fewest number of origins as possible. 

With Multi-Origin Shipping, you are also able to:

  • Automate which origin certain products are shipped from
  • Restrict shipping methods by origin
  • Ship according to minimum and maximum order values
  • Split shipments by shipping groups

Therefore, through this feature, you are able to create the exact, customized experience you want when shipping from more than one location. Which means, you can save money and offer the best rates possible for your customers at checkout.

WebShopApps and ShipperHQ: One-to-One Feature Comparison

Functionality of individual extensions include: Full power of the platform includes:
Custom Table RatesCustom Table Rates
Flat Rate ShippingFlat Rate Shipping
Custom Shipping Rates by cart weight, subtotal, quantity, geography, product type, shipping group and/or customer group
Custom Shipping Rates by cart weight, subtotal, quantity, geography, product type, shipping group and/or customer group
Shipping Surcharges & Restrictions
Shipping Surcharges & Restrictions
Dimensional Shipping for FedEx, UPS & USPS
Dimensional Shipping for dozens of carriers, including FedEx, UPS, USPS
Support for LTL CarriersSupport & Live Rating from LTL Carriers
Multi-Origin RatingMulti-Origin Rating
In-Store PickupIn-Store Pickup
Custom blackout dates, cut-off times, lead timesCustom blackout dates, cut-off times, lead times
Shipping Promotions & Discounts
Delivery Dates & Times
Calendar View and Time Slot Delivery (Magento and Zoey Only)
Validation of Residential and Commercial Addresses
Automatic Backup Carriers during API Outages
Rate Shopping
Free Shipping


Above all, ShipperHQ has the power of all the most popular WebShopApps extensions rolled into one application. You can manage all your shipping functionality through one dashboard, meaning no more multiple CSVs.

Today, new development occurs on ShipperHQ only. Beyond the features mentioned above, ShipperHQ allows you to show delivery date & time at checkout, offer in-store pickup and time slot delivery, set up address validation and much more. 

We’re still your shipping experts. For over a decade, we have helped thousands of retailers worldwide take control of their shipping rates and delivery options at checkout.

No matter what you sell or how complex your shipping requirements may be, ShipperHQ is here to help.

That is to say, our team can answer all your shipping questions and figure out a strategy that fits with how you actually run your eCommerce business on Magento 1, Magento 2, BigCommerce, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WooCommerce or Zoey.

Start delivering on customer expectations at checkout by signing up for a free 15-day trial of ShipperHQ today. 

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