ShipperHQ, the premier shipping experience management solution, and Hyvä, the de facto frontend solution for Magento and Adobe Commerce, proudly announce a fortified partnership, set to shape the future of eCommerce.

Marking a significant milestone for Hyvä, ShipperHQ stands as their first-ever shipping partner and inaugural U.S.-based collaboration. By seamlessly merging our industry-leading shipping solutions with Hyvä’s unparalleled website performance expertise, we’re raising the bar for the online shopping landscape, and together, we’re taking it to new heights.

What does this partnership mean for Hyvä users?

This alliance gives Hyvä’s clientele a powerful competitive advantage: an efficient, customer-centric shipping experience at checkout. By joining forces, Hyvä users will gain access to ShipperHQ’s robust suite of advanced shipping tools. This includes dynamic delivery choices, real-time rate calculations, enterprise-grade delivery date logic, and expert shipping strategy guidance. The result? Reduced checkout friction and an elevated customer experience.

“Partnering with Hyvä aligns seamlessly with our strategic vision of empowering the community. Willem and his extraordinary team have redefined the benchmarks for building on Magento, placing a keen emphasis on alleviating pain points and turning challenges into opportunities. Together, we envision a transformative future for Magento, where innovation and excellence are not just goals but the standard.”

Jo Baker, CEO and Founder of ShipperHQ

Why is Hyvä a transformative force in eCommerce?

Hyvä’s Magento frontend solution prioritizes lightning-fast load times and user-centric design—a winning combination that ensures merchants see increased organic traffic, reduced bounce rates, and heightened conversions. As the online market intensifies, Hyvä’s speed, adaptability, and superior user experience positions them as a key player for modern businesses seeking to thrive in a digital-first world.

“ShipperHQ has been a powerful voice in the Magento community since its inception. At Hyvä, we have been looking up to Jo and her team for being disruptive, independently owned and meeting the exact needs of the market. We are proud to partner with ShipperHQ and offer outstanding checkout experiences and make a difference for merchants.”

Willem Wigman, CEO and Founder of Hyvä

At ShipperHQ and Hyvä, we share a deep commitment to excellence, innovation, and the ongoing transformation of the online shopping experience. Together, our collective expertise and passion pave the way for the next wave of eCommerce innovations, particularly within the Magento and Adobe Commerce spheres.

To learn more about the tangible benefits and remarkable outcomes achieved through this partnership, visit our joint case study.