Since Yellow filed bankruptcy in August 2023, there has been a notable shift in the nation’s less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier industry. This event marks a pivotal moment, urging businesses to reassess and adapt their shipping strategies in response to the evolving market landscape.

In this blog, we discuss the impact of Yellow’s closure on the LTL market as well as the benefits of transitioning to a 3PL such as Kuehne + Nagel for reliable logistics services.

What’s Happening With Yellow?

Yellow trucking, a leading trucking company, filed for bankruptcy in August 2023, a move that sent ripples through the logistics and shipping industry. This development came after a prolonged period of financial difficulties, exacerbated by a substantial debt burden and strained labor relations.

The bankruptcy filing has raised significant concerns among shippers who have relied on Yellow’s network for their LTL needs. Shippers are now urgently seeking alternatives to Yellow and its subsidiaries—YRC Freight, Reddaway, New Penn, and Holland. Transitioning to more reliable LTL carriers is critical to ensure the stability and efficiency of supply chains.

The Impact?

With Yellow’s bankruptcy, there’s an imminent risk of disruptions in their service and API functionalities. To safeguard against potential interruptions, it’s crucial for businesses to identify and partner with alternative LTL freight carriers or third-party logistics (3PL) providers. For ShipperHQ customers currently using Yellow or its subsidiaries, we recommend consulting our help documentation for steps on transitioning to a new shipping carrier. We are proactively reaching out to provide all necessary information and support.

The ShipperHQ Advantage?

ShipperHQ remains steadfast in its mission to deliver an unmatched shipping experience for our clients, even in these challenging times. In light of Yellow’s bankruptcy, the role of a versatile 3PL like Kuehne+Nagel becomes even more crucial. They offer the flexibility and expertise needed to quickly adapt and navigate these uncertain times confidently.

“While the ramifications a potential shutdown of the nation’s fifth largest LTL carrier can have on the market are widespread, the tightening of capacity is undeniably one of the most important. LTL networks are significantly less flexible than other modes of transport so it is critical that shippers have a reallocation strategy ready. Proactively securing capacity will be paramount to supply chain continuity. We have been building contingency plans with our customers over the past few weeks to maintain service levels and manage cost impacts should the situation worsen for Yellow.”

Nicola Malaney, Director of eCommerce at Kuehne+Nagel LTL+

Adapting your shipping strategy to ensure resilience and efficiency is more critical than ever. With Yellow’s changing landscape, exploring reliable alternatives like Kuehne + Nagel for your logistics needs is essential. They offer the expertise and flexibility necessary to navigate these uncertainties and keep your supply chain running smoothly.

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