As Valentine’s Day approaches, the air fills with anticipation, not just for love-struck couples but for businesses like yours, ready to capitalize on this bustling season. However, before you get lost in the rosy hues of this opportunity, there’s something critical to consider: your shipping strategy.

Why? Two reasons:

  1. Your shipping experience at checkout has tremendous potential to boost sales. With 61% of online shoppers abandoning their carts due to unsatisfactory shipping options, any improvement in this area could be a real game changer in terms of conversions.
  2. Nothing sucks the love out of the air like a delayed or spoiled gift. This is especially true for perishable items which form a significant part of Valentine’s Day offerings. A wilted bouquet or melted chocolates can turn a sweet gesture sour in an instant.

Fortunately, ShipperHQ provides the granularity and customized shipping logic required to ship perishables fast, fresh, and profitability this Valentine’s Day and beyond. Let’s dive into some perishable shipping ‘must-haves’ that will not just save your Valentine’s sales, but boost customer satisfaction and drive revenue all year round.

Optimized Rates & Delivery Dates

  • Offer expedited options for the procrastinators, and free shipping on select products or destinations to attract more buyers
  • Set a maximum time in transit for perishable goods to ensure each shipment arrives in tip-top shape
  • Account for holidays and closures to avoid unrealistic delivery promises. Transparency builds trust, and trust leads to sales

Shipping That Matches Your Real-World Operations

  • Rate from the most efficient location so products stay fresh and your customers see the cheapest options
  • Ship products from multiple locations and show one low rate
  • Use shipping rules to hide costly expedited methods for nearby customers

Calendar & Pickup

Did you know: 80% of shoppers prefer to choose the day their package arrives over standard 2-day or free shipping options​​?

  • Allow customers to choose their preferred delivery or pickup date and time, adding a personal touch to their shopping experience*
  • Display all pickup locations or limit them to a certain radius, offering convenience without overwhelming the customer
  • Show exact pickup locations via Google Maps with helpful details like store hours and contact information*

*Exclusively available for Adobe, Magento, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Zoey merchants on select plans.

Rates that Account for How You Pack

  • Calculate dimensional weight-based rates no matter what’s in the cart or where it’s going
  • Configure box settings to account for added weight and bulk of ice packs and insulation
  • Use packing rules to pack perishables and non-perishables separately

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the heart-shaped candies and roses; it’s a critical test of your shipping strategy’s efficiency and reliability. With ShipperHQ, you’re equipped to handle the unique challenges of perishable shipping, not just during the Valentine’s rush, but throughout the entire year.

Ready to align your strategy with modern customer expectations and operational realities? Start your free 15-day trial today and experience firsthand how ShipperHQ can transform your shipping strategy into a competitive advantage.