In the intricate world of eCommerce, addressing a seemingly small detail can lead to substantial savings and efficiency. Enter ShipperHQ’s Address Validation – a tool pivotal for any online business aiming to optimize shipping processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost profits.

The High Cost of Address Correction and How ShipperHQ Alleviates It

Did you know address correction charges by UPS and FedEx can go up to $22.50 per package? This adds up quickly, especially if you’re managing a high volume of shipments. ShipperHQ’s Address Validation feature emerges as a crucial asset in mitigating these costs.

Our Address Validation feature works with UPS or FedEx to validate customers’ addresses in the US and Canada specifically. So, as long as you have one of those carriers set up with us, this can be used for any carrier on your ShipperHQ account.

Key Functionalities of ShipperHQ’s Address Validation

While there are some differences in support across eCommerce platforms, address validation within ShipperHQ supports each of the following functions:

  • Dynamic Address Type Lookup: Automatically discerns whether an address is business or residential, ensuring accurate shipping rates.
  • Dynamic Address Validity: Verifies the deliverability of addresses with UPS or FedEx, reducing the risk of non-delivery.
  • Address Suggestion at Checkout: Offers correct address suggestions to customers, enhancing the accuracy of the delivery process.
  • Manual Residential/Commercial Selector: Empowers customers to specify their address type, further ensuring delivery precision.
eCommerce platforms supported by ShipperHQ's Address Validation

Cost-Saving Benefits: Beyond Just Avoiding Fees

  1. Accurate Shipping Rates. Address Validation prevents the surprise of any last-mile fees, which are already 53% of total supply chain costs.
  1. Enhanced Profit Margins. Reducing unexpected charges directly impacts your bottom line, allowing for a more robust business strategy.
  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction. Accurate deliveries lead to happier customers, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Address Validation goes beyond just dodging extra charges; it’s a strategic move that redefines your entire shipping approach. With ShipperHQ, you’re not only saving money but also elevating your customer’s experience.

Experience the power of optimization firsthand. Sign up for a free 15-day trial today and discover the impact that a seemingly minor adjustment can have on your business.