Did you know that 69% of buyers are willing to pay extra to personalize and control their shipping experience? As the eCommerce industry continues to evolve, the importance of a seamless and efficient checkout process has never been more critical.

ShipperHQ’s Enhanced Checkout, available for enterprise merchants on Adobe Commerce, Magento, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce, is your ultimate solution for upgrading the customer experience, thereby increasing revenue and reducing cart abandonment rates.

1. Optimize Conversion with Calendar Date Selection

Statistics from the Baymard Institute highlight a high cart abandonment rate of 70% across industries. ShipperHQ’s Enhanced Checkout addresses this by empowering customers to choose their preferred delivery dates or pickup times through a calendar date selector. This simplifies the checkout process leading to higher conversions.

2. Maximize Order Value with Tailored Shipping Options

Leveraging over 15+ years of shipping expertise, ShipperHQ has crafted the Enhanced Checkout capability to display the most compelling delivery options for each item in the cart. This strategy attracts carts of higher value and provides more clarity on their delivery lead time.

3. Boost Margins with Advanced Shipping Insights

Shipping and fulfillment are substantial expenses, accounting for an average of 15% of a business’s total costs. Enhanced Checkout provides detailed insights into shipping and packaging, supporting efficient and cost-effective fulfillment. By giving you access to rich shipment data, this feature streamlines your fulfillment process, reducing errors and ensuring timely deliveries.

4. Elevate Customer Convenience with Store Pickup and Google Maps Integration

75% of customers are likely to make extra purchases when picking up their order from the store. Therefore, with this in mind, we introduced a calendar date selector that also integrates with Google Maps. This feature makes the checkout experience smooth while driving business growth.

5. Create a Unique Shopping Experience with Customizable Checkout

ShipperHQ is committed to transforming the shipping and logistics space. Our tools are designed to offer you nuanced control, allowing you to replace the standard checkout section with more personalized shipping options. This fosters customer loyalty and long-term retention by providing an exceptional buying experience.

Master the Art of Tailored Checkout Experiences

ShipperHQ’s Enhanced Checkout is not just about upgrading your checkout process; it’s about redefining it. With this additional control, you can craft unique checkout experiences without additional development time and costs. The end result is a dynamic, premium shopping journey for your customers.

Ready to make shipping your competitive advantage?

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