In the rapidly evolving digital commerce and branding landscape, an exciting event is on the horizon for forward-thinking commerce professionals. Our friends at Future Commerce will be hosting the VISIONS Summit-Austin during SXSW. This summit is surely a gathering of the curious, the innovative, and the trailblazers in the world of eCommerce, retail, and direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing. ShipperHQ is particularly proud to be joining hands with Future Commerce for this event.

VISIONS Summit-Austin: The Multiplayer Brand

Scheduled to be an immersive experience, this event invites participants to explore the concept of “The Multiplayer Brand” in depth. Additionally, this unique theme focuses on the collaborative, interactive nature of modern branding, where consumers and brands co-create the brand experience in a dynamic, digital ecosystem.

The evening will feature a stellar lineup of experts in consumer psychology, trend analysis, brand and digital marketing. Together, we’ll explore the seismic shifts in how brands are built and experienced in a digital-first world. From the evolving role of the CMO to the fusion of media and commerce, each panel offers invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities of a multiplayer future.

Key Details:

Date: Wednesday, March 13

Time: 4:30 – 7:30pm CDT

Venue: Vintage Books & Wine

Hosted By:

  • Brian Lange (Co-Founder, Future Commerce)
  • Phillip Jackson (Co-Founder, Future Commerce)

Featured Panelists

  • Alexa Lombardo (Brand Strategist)
  • Matt Klein (Cultural Theorist and writer of ZINE)
  • Rishabh Jain (Co-founder and CEO of FERMÁT)
  • Rabah Rahil (CMO of FERMÀT)
  • Lisa & Paul Jauregui (Co-founders, BK Beauty)

What to Expect: Prepare to engage with a curated lineup of speakers, thought leaders, and industry innovators who will share their insights on creating compelling, interactive brand narratives that resonate in today’s multifaceted market.

About Future Commerce: The Company Behind the Curtain

Future Commerce is a media company focused on helping retailers and eCommerce operators understand the future of commerce and culture. Their editorial insights, strategic analysis, and original reporting help modern brand marketers shape the future of their retail and DTC businesses.

Their Mission: To equip brands with the knowledge and tools needed to create significant impacts for their customers and the world at large, shaping the future of commerce through strategic analysis, editorial insights, and original reporting.

Philosophy: Modern brands must play the long game. Building a cultural brand, or a generational brand, requires adapting with the culture and changing times. Customer lifetime value happens over the lifetime of the relationship with the customer, not the number that changes in Power BI or Google Analytics.

Why Attend This Event?

The VISIONS Summit-Austin undoubtedly represents a rare opportunity to gain cutting-edge insights into building and sustaining a multiplayer brand in an era where consumer interaction and engagement are paramount. Whether you’re a brand marketer, a digital commerce strategist, or simply passionate about the future of retail and eCommerce, this summit is designed to inspire, inform, and empower.

Join us for this wonderful evening. Together, let’s explore the future of commerce and culture.

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