Brad’s world from roads to shipping codes. Here are his eCommerce shipping insights.

Imagine landing your dream job in the middle of a desert, or uncovering the quirkiest tales from the depths of eBay’s high-value claims. That’s just a regular day for Brad, our Implementation Manager at ShipperHQ. Brad’s journey is nothing short of a blockbuster. In this guest blog tell-all, Brad unveils the kaleidoscope of shipping – from the misconceptions to triumphant tales. Strap in as we unravel the layers of ShipperHQ through Brad’s eyes.

Brad Fun Facts

How did you start your journey with ShipperHQ?

“I had a friend who worked at ShipperHQ who recommended them to me. I was in the middle of driving from San Diego to Austin and had my phone interview on the side of the road in El Paso. The call dropped and I frantically had to drive half a mile down the road to get another bar and call back.”

What’s the funniest moment you’ve encountered in your shipping career?

“I once worked for eBay’s high value claims team and a seller accepted a return on a high end guitar and was apoplectic when the buyer sent back a 2 liter bottle of urine and a grocery bag of feces and eBay still required the buyer be given a refund.” **trust the redaction and know it was indeed funny.

Your Time at ShipperHQ

What’s your favorite ShipperHQ feature and why?

“My fav feature would be table rates. Although technically not an advanced feature they can get pretty complex and it’s satisfying to solve a table rate issue that you’ve been struggling with.”

Can you describe ShipperHQ in three words?

“Customizable. Expansive. Diverse.”

The Art of Smooth Implementation

What’s one common misconception about shipping that ShipperHQ helps to clarify?

“Biggest misconception is that shipping is one-size fits all. Very rarely do flat rates have the desired effect for small business owners and they rely on us to factor in dimensional packing so that they aren’t losing out on money for shopping OR having to try to guesstimate what middle of the road flat rate you should charge so that you ultimately break even.”

Tell us about a challenging ShipperHQ implementation and how you turned it into a win.

“My most challenging implementation was for a HVAC company who had a ton of really large items but that weighed very little, so they were never getting accurate freight/small parcel rates and they thought they’d never get it fixed. They were losing a ton of money on shipping and had a low conversion rate because no one wanted to pay for the shipping rate quoted. After I helped configure things with their input they’re very satisfied and their shipping has been stabilized.”

Superpowers and Looking Ahead

If ShipperHQ were a superhero, what would its superpowers be?

“Not a superhero, but I’d say ShipperHQ is like the TARDIS from Doctor Who. It looks unassuming from the outside but once you open it up its humongous and capable of so much more than you’d expect.”

What’s one piece of shipping advice you swear by, that everyone should know?

“Know if you’re shipping to a business or a residence! It often makes a difference!”

Looking into the future, what exciting changes do you predict for ecommerce shipping?

“Drones dropping off your packages from the sky.”

From Roadside Calls to Shipping Revelations

Brad’s tales and eCommerce shipping insights highlight the unique blend of challenge and innovation in eCommerce shipping. His journey underscores ShipperHQ’s mission to simplify and personalize the shipping experience with online shipping stratigies. Thanks to Brad, we navigate these waters with a little more wisdom and wit.

Craving more tales from Brad? Start your free ShipperHQ trial today, and who knows? You might just get Brad as your guide to mastering eCommerce shipping!