When online shoppers make their final purchase decisions, a compelling shipping promotion in the checkout can help clinch the sale. Research suggests 93% of shoppers will buy additional items to qualify for free shipping. In addition, 90% of US consumers expect two to three day delivery as the baseline.

Now, merchants on Shopify Plus can incentivize customers to increase their cart value and complete their purchases with Shipping Incentives from ShipperHQ. Increase your average order value and conversions by promoting a free shipping minimum and shipping deadline at checkout.

Modern-Day eCommerce Challenges

Today’s eCommerce landscape is fiercely competitive. Also, thanks to Amazon the customer expectations for online shipping are sky-high. Many Shopify merchants don’t have deep pockets and end up facing challenges like:

  • High Cart Abandonment Rates Customers often leave carts due to unexpected or high shipping costs.
  • Low Conversion Rates – Failure to convert interested shoppers into buyers, primarily due to unappealing shipping options.
  • Customer Retention Issues – Difficulty in encouraging one-time buyers to return.

Bottom line, without an optimized checkout and shipping experience, merchants risk losing their would-be customers.

Why Add Shipping Incentives?

Shipping Incentives checkout banners are designed with cart conversion in mind. You can feel confident knowing your UX is backed by data from thousands of customers and hundreds of research hours.

Free Shipping Minimum

Modernize how you offer free shipping on Shopify Plus to your valued customers. By prominently displaying at checkout the minimum purchase amount for free shipping, you can effectively motivate shoppers to add more items to their carts.

The Impact: Motivate customers to increase their cart value with a free shipping minimum, showing the remaining amount needed to qualify for free shipping

Shipping Deadline

Within the Shopify checkout, encourage shoppers to complete their purchase before the shipping deadline to receive their order by the estimated delivery date. 

The Impact: Create urgency with a shipping deadline, prompting customers to complete their purchase by a specific time for the earliest delivery option..

What You Can Achieve with Shipping Incentives

  • Capture More Sales – Drive conversions and prevent cart abandonment by encouraging customers to complete their purchase before the shipping deadline.
  • Increase Average Order Value (AOV) – Incentivize customers to add more items to their cart with the amount to free shipping minimum displayed at checkout.
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction Without Sacrificing Profit – Customers expect an Amazon-style shipping experience, but that can lead to added costs. By adding a free shipping minimum and shipping deadline, you can give customers what they want while protecting your bottom line.

The ShipperHQ Advantage

Optimized for Conversion
Feel confident knowing your shopping experience is backed by data from thousands of customers and hundreds of research hours. 

Easy to Set Up
Complete setup in just minutes. Our friendly support team is readily available to help. 

Complements Enhanced Checkout
Enhanced Checkout gives your customers more control over delivery dates. Now, you can unlock even more value from ShipperHQ with shipping promotions that further elevate your customer experience.

Backed by Experts
ShipperHQ has 16+ years of shipping experience innovation. We’re who your carriers trust and your eCommerce platform looks to for shipping optimization.

Save more. Sell more. 

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, ShipperHQ is your trusted advisor in everything related to the eCommerce online shipping experience at checkout. Shipping Incentives is available to merchants on Enterprise plans and Advanced plans using Shopify Plus.

Looking to improve your shipping operations? Watch our informative video to understand the benefits Shipping Incentives can offer.