For eCommerce merchants, free shipping isn’t just a nice-to-have, it is a strategic necessity. By offering free shipping, online sellers can increase average order value (AOV) and customer satisfaction. Free shipping enhances the shopping experience and can reduce cart abandonment by eliminating unexpected shipping charges. Discover how to seamlessly integrate and optimize free shipping strategies to maximize revenue.

The Psychological Impact of Free Shipping on Consumers

The appeal of free shipping is undeniable. Studies show, 80% of consumers expect free shipping when ordering a certain dollar amount of products. Often more attractive than product discounts, free shipping simplifies decision-making and as a result reduces the perceived risk of online shopping, encouraging consumers to spend more.

Customer Perceptions and Expectations

Free shipping offers significantly enhance customer satisfaction even before purchase. Transparency and predictability reassure customers that the price they see is the final cost with no hidden fees at checkout. This clarity builds trust and loyalty, positively impacting customer satisfaction (CSAT).

How Free Shipping Increases Average Order Value (AOV)

By setting a free shipping threshold, retailers can motivate customers to add more items to their carts. This strategy increases the average order value (AOV) and enhances the shopping experience. Display a dynamic checkout banner that clearly shows how much more customers need to add to qualify for free shipping. This strategy further incentivizes customers, making them more likely to increase their purchases.

Perks of Offering Free Shipping

Offering free shipping attracts customers and is pivotal in converting browsers into buyers. This is especially true during the checkout process. Setting a clear shipping deadline can spur customers to complete their purchases promptly, capturing more sales and enhancing customer loyalty as they appreciate the straightforward and transparent shopping experience.

Generate More Revenue With Shipping Incentives

You can now implement effective shipping promotions on the checkout that align with your business goals and unique needs.

With our new advanced Shipping Incentives feature, you can enhance customer satisfaction and meet your business objectives without sacrificing profit. By introducing a free shipping minimum at checkout, you encourage customers to increase their purchases, boosting your average order value while simultaneously reducing cart abandonment. The setup is quick with clear instructions to ensure ease of implementation. Our friendly support team is readily available to help.

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