Meet Magento UK 2024 is now officially in the history books. Over 750 attendees from across the world were in the audience for the 13th edition of Meet Magento UK last week. The excitement for the event kicked off with a Pre-Party the day before main event. This set the stage for a memorable conference experience. The event delivered valuable insights through a series of compelling sessions and panel discussions. The After-Party in the evening offered a perfect conclusion. This blog captures the essence of the conference, emphasizing its impact on the eCommerce and Magento community.

First Act: The Pre-Party

The pre-party at The Devereux, sponsored by ShipperHQ and JH, was the perfect icebreaker, bringing together over 150 eCommerce and Magento professionals. This gathering set the stage for meaningful connections and networking opportunities throughout the conference. The vibrant atmosphere allowed attendees to engage in lively discussions, share experiences, and build relationships.

Pre-Party at The Devereux

Second Act: The Main Event

The conference officially began with a welcome note by Jamie Huskisson (CEO, JH). This was followed by an opening keynote by our very own Eric Erway (VP Product, ShipperHQ). This gave way to a series of sessions and panel discussions divided into Business and Technical tracks covering various topics. The sessions provided insights into technical innovations in eCommerce, along with real-life proven business strategies.

Here are some key highlights from the event:

  • Opening Keynote: Jamie Huskisson, CEO of JH, kicked off the day by welcoming the attendees and also announced the launch of a new marketing site for Magento Open Source.
  • Creating Your Own Story with Community: Eric Erway, VP Product at ShipperHQ, emphasized that there has never been a better time to be part of the Magento community. His session also included intriguing eCommerce and shipping statistics from ShipperHQ’s survey with Merchants and Partners from Q4 2023.
  • Business Track

Osvaldo Spadano, CEO/Founder of Akoova, explored the benefits of open-source platforms in his presentation. He showcased how businesses can leverage open-source solutions to enhance their eCommerce operations.

Shaun Loughlin, Global Head of eCommerce at LeMieux, shared practical strategies for using customer feedback to improve business performance.

Janis Thomas, Managing Director of Look Fabulous Forever, highlighted the importance of full-funnel marketing in today’s competitive landscape.

  • Technical Track

Kuba Zwolinski, Founder & CEO of Snowdog, provided a comprehensive guide on integrating accessibility into everyday operations.

Karlijn Löwik, CEO at RUMVision, discussed the latest trends in web performance and offered insights into how businesses can optimize their websites for better performance and user experience.

John Hughes, VP Product at Hyvä, showcased how they are revolutionizing the user experience for Magento storefronts.

Third Act: The After-Party

Networking was an essential component of Meet Magento UK 2024, with ample opportunities for attendees to connect with industry experts and Magento counterparts. The After-Party at Bounce Farringdon, sponsored by ShipperHQ, Shiptheory, and JH, was the perfect way to unwind after intensive learning and conversations. It allowed attendees to continue their conversations in a more relaxed setting with food, drinks, music, and lots of ping pong. 

The event was a gathering of the brightest minds, a place for innovation, and a hub for building lasting connections. This year’s Meet Magento UK showcased the importance of staying connected with the community and continuously learning to stay ahead in the ever-evolving eCommerce market. Until next time!