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The Core Values of ShipperHQ

Author: Karen Baker  |  December 20, 2018

As CEO of ShipperHQ its a job that requires a great deal of effort, and comes with it a great deal of responsibility. My husband was a small merchant, which is how I got into this space, I was there with him and understand fully the demands of eCommerce, and how small changes can cause big successes or big failures. I also understand as a company owner myself that stability is key, you want integrity and trust from the vendors you work with.

Not many people know this but I never actually wanted to start ShipperHQ, I just had merchants reaching out to me back in 2008 and I responded to their needs. I still feel in a way I’m doing that today, all I really want to do is help people, of course I’ve realised that as part of that I need to ensure I maintain my own stability and that of my family and co-workers.

ShipperHQ is proud to serve this space, and takes its responsibility very seriously. We have worked for years with massive merchants, many that you see on the streets of US, UK and other countries around the world. We know shipping is important, and we are innovating daily to make life better for you. I wish we could do more and faster, but let me say we are trying.

As part of the work at ShipperHQ as CEO when you grow a company you have to ensure that your own ethics and reasons for doing this are translated to your staff. As much as I’d personally like to sit on every client call, answer every mail, deal with every agency, well I can’t, someone needs to steer the ship and right now thats me. I’m also pretty technical (female yes) so that takes up a fair bit of my time trying to get better solutions for you all.

We decided therefore this year to work out 3 core values that we would all adhere to. A lot of companies do this. For us as a bootstrapped company that has been profitable since day 1, and single founder owned, I think its important to say we did this to help make our business better. We will have this prominently displayed in all our offices, it will be a factor in every decision we make, in every new hire we take on, and how we do business from today, in late December 2018. That you have my word on.

So I’ll share them, I hope you find it interesting.

Core Value 1: – Always Responsive

This was key to me, and about how we scale this company. Its very hard to get staff to care about something as much as the CEO. We as a company need to be responsive, on every level. Whether thats a support email, a question around partnership, a new enquiry on our services. We are here, on many channels, you can reach us.

Already we have a Chat channel on our website, we can be reached by phone, email and our agency partners have a slack channel to communicate directly with us.

If you see us not being responsive reach out to me, I’ll sort it.

Core Value 2: – Unflinchingly Honest

I’ve a terrible memory, which means I kind of have to speak the truth all the time else I’d fall over! But thats not why I’m honest, I just like things in black and white, ultimately I’m a programmer and thats how my mind works, its logical. Even when I worked in London I really couldnt stand the boring business meetings where there is a lot of fluff and no action. Lets cut that bullshit I say. Time is short, we want to do things and there is a lot to do. So honesty I think works well, yes its blunt, have I annoyed people over the years, yep, but I’ve also found I’ve got a lot of stuff done with clients as a result of just being honest. I also try not to say we can do something if we can’t, lets just be honest. Here is my situation, this is yours, lets try to find a solve. I’m fed up of tech companies that promise the world and don’t deliver. Do it else be quiet. We would rather under-promise and over-deliver, and because we don’t have funding we can do that, the buck stops here.

Core Value 3: – Focused Innovation

As a programmer/tech architect I obviously love technology. But I’ve always loved it from the perspective of solving problems. I’m not into theory, I’m not into writing code for writing code’s sake. I want to advance eCommerce and I want to get merchants to a better place. Its that simple. To do that we need to innovate, and do so fast. But it needs to be directed in the right areas, where there is most benefit. I’m a big believer in the 80:20 rule, and I’m a big believer in reality. I’m not here to play games, I’m here to help people with technology. And this company is too.

The Company

What’s interesting about the above is that the team actually came up with them, not me. These values are personal to me, I strongly believe in them, but I know it takes a team.

I wish all our clients, our staff, and the general eCommerce community a great holiday and happy and healthy New Year.

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Introducing ShipperHQ Enhanced Checkout for Magento 2

Author: Daniel Ziegler  |  October 8, 2018

When we launched ShipperHQ in 2013, it was a huge leap forward in both functionality and flexibility toward conquering some of the most challenging shipping requirements that we hear from our merchants every day. As we continue to push forward with innovative capabilities within the ShipperHQ platform, we have kept the merchants needs at the heart of everything we do. Now, we’re excited to be taking the biggest step since ShipperHQ launched with the introduction of our new Enhanced Checkout for Magento 2.

Offer shipping options that appeal to each customer's individual preferences with our new Enhanced Checkout for Magento 2.

Offer shipping options that appeal to each customer’s individual preferences with our new Enhanced Checkout for Magento 2.

Enhanced Checkout is a brand new customer experience driven by the ever-increasing demand for additional shipping information and delivery options that cater to individual customer preferences. We wanted to make it possible for retailers to differentiate themselves from ecommerce giants like Amazon without the need for hours of custom development or a massive new load on their servers. We also wanted to maintain the flexibility that’s been at the core of ShipperHQ from the beginning so that merchants can tailor the customer experience to their unique needs.

Offer Click & Collect for customers looking for an alternative delivery option.

Offer Click & Collect for customers looking for an alternative delivery option.

To achieve this goal in our Enhanced Checkout, we’ve employed cutting edge technologies including React JS components and GraphQL APIs to make our merchants’ checkouts more flexible and responsive without added server load. Beyond performance improvements and decreased server load, these new technologies have also made it possible for us to provide out-of-the-box support for brand new versions of some of ShipperHQ’s most unique and significant features including:

  • In-Store Pickup/Click & Collect
  • Alternate Delivery Options i.e. UPS Access Points
  • Delivery Calendar/Estimated Delivery Dates
  • Pickup and Delivery Time-Slots
  • LTL Freight Accessorials
  • Split Shipments

Beyond making it easier for merchants to enable these advanced ShipperHQ features, we’ve also invested time and effort in improving the way our options look and work out of the box.

As with any element of checkout, the goal is to make shipping as seamless and intuitive as possible for the customer. However, in shipping it’s equally important to make sure complexities are taken care of in the background so that any option shown only applies to the given order, products, destination, or specific customer.

Delivery Calendar and Timeslots in ShipperHQ's Enhanced Checkout

Delivery Calendar and Timeslots in ShipperHQ’s Enhanced Checkout

Our Enhanced Checkout is now available on Magento 2 and Deity. We will be launching it across BigCommerce and Shopify as early as Q1 2019. For a demo and more information,  stop by booth S33 at Magento Live Europe in Barcelona October 9-10 or contact us directly at


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Introducing the New Look for Calendar & Pickup in Magento 2

Author: Alana Twelmeyer  |  August 21, 2018

What’s New:

  • Updated Calendar design compliments the standard Magento 2 checkout
  • Pickup Locations now features location details, such as hours and phone number with an optional map view

New Look Comparison Using Calendar Only


New Look Comparison Using Calendar & Pickup



In order to access the new designs for use in Magento 2, you will need to install the newest versions of module-calendar (v22.x) and module-pickup (v22.x). How to Specify a Specific Version of ShipperHQ.

The new design updates are not supported on Magento 1.x.

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New Partner Introduction: ReTrans Freight Simplifies Logistics for B2B & B2C Merchants Using ShipperHQ

Author: Nicola Malaney  |  February 1, 2018

partnership-retransIt’s 2018. eCommerce is in full swing and the marketplace is hotter than ever. It seems everywhere you look, there’s another tool available for managing your SEO, your metrics or your parcel freight. Shouldn’t there be a simplified way to manage your LTL freight by now? Here at ReTrans Freight, we couldn’t agree more and that is why we’re excited to have joined forces with ShipperHQ to provide a solution. Before we get into how our partnership can revolutionize your B2B and B2C businesses, we thought we’d share a little about who we are and how we found ourselves immersed in the dynamic world of eCommerce.

For over 30 years, we have focused on simplifying the transportation process and in fact, we were the first of our kind. Ever since, we’ve been building a team of experts in all aspects of freight management; Carrier and customer relationships, accounting and administration and of course, technology. Though our name has changed over time, we never lost sight of our mission, which is to equip our clients with tools that let them put their resources into scaling their business instead of just maintaining it.

There’s a lot of talk out there about the logistics industry and how many companies have some catching up to do when it comes to doing business in the eCommerce space.  We have always been ahead of the curve thanks to our powerhouse technology experts and agile team of logistics specialists. Today, we have the unique ability to simplify API and EDI carrier connectivity to allow users one point of access to a vast network of quality carriers, at highly competitive rates.

Ok, so what does that actually mean?

It means saying goodbye to paying for multiple connections, goodbye to hours spent reconciling hundreds of individual invoices and goodbye to paying more than you need to for your large freight. By linking up with ShipperHQ’s top-notch shipping management system, shoppers can now enjoy the same fluid checkout experience they’re used to, even on large and oversized purchases. Isn’t that the way it should be?

Why should the bulky or just plain heavy items be abandoned in the shopping cart, simply because no one could optimize those supply chains?

Last year, the ShipperHQ team published an insightful blog that discussed how to boost conversion rates. It stated that a staggering 28% of cart abandonment came from unexpected shipping costs. By utilizing state of the art shipping software and providing customers with reliable rate transparency, merchants can avoid dropoff at checkout for larger items. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with ShipperHQ on this venture, providing eCommerce equality for all types of freight!

Get to know us. We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at or visit us at

About the Author

Nicola is the Director of eCommerce Strategic Partnerships for ReTrans Freight where she focuses on identifying and developing alliances that create value for merchants looking to optimize and simplify their LTL eCommerce distribution.  She holds an MBA in International Business and Supply Chain Management and has used her expertise to enable many businesses to succeed in the eCommerce marketplace.

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New Partner Introduction: VL OMNI brings Seamless Data Integration to ShipperHQ Customers

Author: Ashley Overton  |  December 14, 2017

Welcome to the age of automation!

Integration can be a huge amount of work, and this is the very reason we are proud to announce our partnership with VL OMNI.

VL OMNI helps merchants save time and money as they move data seamlessly through their infrastructure. As an agile and scalable SaaS data integration platform for real-time accurate customer order data, shipment details, inventory, prices and more, the VL OMNI Dashboard allows omnichannel and ecommerce businesses to grow and accelerate their business by providing strategic one-to-many integrations. By connecting applications together in a way that makes sense to the unique needs of your business, data is normalized with business rules applied directly to the data transformation for true, 100% integration. Perfectly automated data, exactly where and when your business needs it, fit to your business’ needs.

VL OMNI includes tracking for:

  • Typical transactions
  • Orders In & Out
  • Invoices In & Out
  • Shipping Status Update
  • Product Information Sync
  • Order Acknowledgements
  • Inventory Qty Updates
  • Price Sync
  • Warehouse Orders In & Out by status
  • And more

Current and prospective customers of ShipperHQ can look forward to benefiting from this newly established partnership. The partnership with VL OMNI expands the depth to which ShipperHQ data can be transmitted and automated.  The solution works to fit your business rather than forcing the business to adapt to the solution. Not only can standard ShipperHQ data movements be automated while taking business-specific rules into account, but with VL OMNI, ShipperHQ data can now be fully integrated with on-premise applications, legacy applications such as ERP systems, customized applications, and with trading partners using EDI (Electronic data interchange). 

VL was born in the EDI space in 1994, and has evolved within this market to expand into providing API integration capabilities to merchants who are looking to scale and remain competitive. With over 200 businesses who trust VL OMNI to move data seamlessly through their infrastructure as they grow, expand and accelerate their businesses, and over 280 application integrations in their connector library, VL OMNI is quickly becoming a trusted partner of the omni-channel sector and application providers.

Learn more about VL OMNI

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Store Pickup Functionality is Now Available Magento 2

Author: Ashley Overton  |  July 21, 2016

We announced the release of ShipperHQ for Magento 2 at the beginning of this year and our customer growth on Magento 2 is constantly rising. To keep up with the demands of our customers, we are continuously moving ShipperHQ’s feature set forward. We are proud to announce that we have recently added Store Pickup to the list of advanced features available on Magento 2 so users can easily show pickup locations at checkout.

Why You Should Add Store Pickup to Your Checkout

We live in the time where everything is “Googled.” I am just as guilty as anyone when I say our generation will search the web for anything from cooking recipes to how to fix a car or fly a plane. Customers now want access to more information before they make a purchase or venture to the store. In addition to information, they are keen to look for savings and quick service. So why not give them what they want and add the convenience of Store Pickup to your checkout?


Customers love discounts and this is a great alternative to offering free shipping without having to cover the costs. According to a survey from eFulliment Service, close to 70 percent of respondents said they prefer cheaper shipping over fast shipping. By adding Store Pickup to your checkout, you and your customers can avoid the cost of shipping. They have the ability to reserve their products online and pick them up at their own convenience. This way you seal the deal before they even enter the store!


Store Pickup can help you keep your customers satisfied. It allows your customers to check the availability of products. This way they aren’t faced with the disappointment of finding that the item is only available in one of your stores 50 miles away or online after they have already reached the store. If they find that the item is not available in a nearby store they then have the option to have it shipped to their house, request to have it shipped to the store for pickup, or they can have someone else pick it up for them at another location.


Although they may end up buying the item in store over purchasing directly online, having products (even those only found in store) available for research is beneficial to your customers. This gives them the opportunity to read reviews from other customers and find detailed information on the products. This also ties into convenience as the can do all of this from the comfort of their home.

Store Pickup in ShipperHQ

ShipperHQ allows merchants to offer more to their customers while having the ability to add restrictions, discounts and surcharges to options shown at checkout. With the Store Pickup feature you have the ability to delight your customers with the opportunity to save money at checkout.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.00.12

The Store Pickup feature allows you to set as many locations as you want for pickup. You then have the ability to sort those locations by distance from the customer and set your account to only show locations that are within a certain distance. This feature has been available to our customer on Magento 1 and is now available to those on Magento 2.

Contact us for more information on Store Pickup and ShipperHQ!


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ShipperHQ becomes a UPS Ready™ Provider

Author: Karen Baker  |  April 17, 2015

The ShipperHQ team are proud to announce today that we have been approved as a UPS Ready provider. This makes us the first dedicated shipping rate management solution to achieve such status, and follows on the back of us being the first open source UPS Ready provider last year with our Delivery Options for UPS extension which adds support for UPS Access Point™ in Magento.ShipperHQ

For ShipperHQ to achieve this we have had to go through a rigorous amount of testing by UPS®, they don’t just approve anyone and have very strict standards. We have had the pleasure of working closely with the UPS Team in the last year. One of the reasons we have focused on UPS first is that we see them as a highly reputable and profesional organisation that has the same level of customer commitment and values as we have within ShipperHQ.

What makes us especially proud is that we are a fully bootstrapped, independently-owned, profitable business that has grown from the demand and with the support of merchants, agencies, and developers within the Magento ecosystem.  We pride ourselves on great customer service from staff that truly understand merchants first-hand and the complexities of Shipping.  We are not a company of spin, expert marketing and gimmicks, we are a company of true substance built on a solid foundation of knowledge in this space.

ShipperHQ Summary

ShipperHQ was born out of our desire to provide a single platform for Shipping Rate Management. Over the past 5+ years we have worked with many thousands of merchants, large, small, and everywhere in between, and produced over 300 extensions for Magento.  In 2014 we sold into over 70 countries worldwide, we estimate our extensions power shipping on over 70,000 Magento sites, and we have key partnerships in place with Web Design Agencies across the globe.

ShipperHQ StatisticsWe are now able to offer support across multiple eCommerce platforms, with integrations currently with Magento and Brilliant Retail. In the summer will be adding support for both WooCommerce and Prestashop, and we hope to announce more soon. We also provide an API so, if you prefer, you can integrate directly with ShipperHQ yourselves on whatever platform you’re using.

So what do We Offer Merchants?

Here are a few of the capabilities we offer in ShipperHQ:

  • Real-time Carrier Integration – currently we support over 20 carriers including Small Package and LTL, with a carrier-facing API allowing developers to integrate any carrier in the world into our solution. We expect to support over 40 carriers by the end of the year as part of the base installation.
  • Offline Shipping – At WebShopApps we produced the most intelligent ‘offline’ custom shipping solution in the world within our extensions. We have taken this experience and in ShipperHQ we offer an advanced shipping rule engine, allowing you to set up rates based on criteria such as destination, weight, price, qty, product type, origin, customer group, and much more. We can categorically say that there is no other solution in the world as advanced as this, we have checked!
  • Intelligent Rate manipulation – Our Rule Engine allows you to manipulate any rates for your precise needs. If you need to offer UPS for the Continental US, USPS for PO Boxes/APOs, refuse shipment of oversized or hazmat items to Alaska, we support it. If you want to offer shipping promotions such as buy 3 get Free Shipping, incentives, it’s there.
  • Time in Transit Capabilities – We support showing the estimated delivery date, selection of delivery date and estimated time in transit for FedEx, UPS, and Offline Shipping.  Combined with the Rule Engine you can specify logic such as Perishables need to arrive within 1 day of dispatch, and it’s going to get the best rate for that.
  • Multi-Origin Support – If you have multiple warehouses or are Dropshipping, we support it.  You can select the carriers for each origin, restrict the shipping methods, and even restrict the country, state, city the origin serves.
  • Dimensional Shipping – Over the past 4 years we have worked with merchants to solve real-life dimensional shipping scenarios.  There is not a “one-size fits all” solution for this and anyone that says otherwise doesn’t understand the space. What we offer are a variety of algorithms and choices for setup, which allow you to tailor it for your specific needs. Our offering is totally unique and proven ‘in the field.’
  • Shipping Analytics – Having trackable metrics for your shipping lets you make sure you’re serving your customers well and helps you avoid surprises. If you want to know where your customers are shipping, the types of rates that are being returned, the average weight of the products in your customers carts or more, we have it.

Intelligent Rate CalculationAll of this culminates in a solution that will save merchants time and money and give them competitive advantage. The stats point to the fact that Amazon Prime is winning the customers, and a large part of their success has been because of the free shipping they offer. New companies such as have at their core reducing shipping costs, it’s is very evident that your shipping policy lies at the heart of the success of your store.

We are confident with our solution Merchants will have true competitive advantage, plus get full control of their shipping costs.

Most of all, we give you choice. It’s your site, your company.  We aren’t going to push our own rates, you can use your own, we aren’t going to advise on carriers that might not be right for you, its ultimately totally agnostic, you, the merchant, are in full control.

UPS Capabilities Offered

As part of the UPS Ready program we have been approved for the following capabilities:

  • Rating – We have full integration with UPS rating, covering all available options, including international delivery
  • Locator – We are the first UPS Ready UPS Access Point Rating solution. UPS Access Point provides merchants with the ability to offer customers pickup at store capabilities, thus allowing customers to pick up their deliveries from the grocery store, the pharmacy, UPS Store™, and 10,000 other locations in the US, Europe and Canada
  • Time in Transit – We provide the ability to give real-time estimated delivery dates, time in transit, and even calendar based selection
  • UPS Freight – We offer UPS Ground Freight with support for accessorials such as liftgate, destination type, and NMFC classes

 Benefits of being a UPS Ready Provider

UPS RegistrationUPS works closely with UPS Ready providers to make sure that they have the most up-to-date information about UPS services. New shipping options, changes to existing options, or even technical changes that may impact your site are all communicated up-front with UPS Ready providers. This means ShipperHQ can be proactive, ensuring that merchants have access to the options they need.

Contact us for more information & to setup a no-obligation trial.  Connect with Karen, Daniel or Genevieve at Magento Imagine in April, IRCE in June.

Feel free to reach out and we will show you why ShipperHQ is the platform for now and the future!


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