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2014 Holiday Shipping Cut-Off Dates

Author: Daniel Ziegler  |  November 20, 2014

Carriers are bulking up on staff and resources for the holidays and are expecting a significant increase in traffic over last year. As we near the holiday season, it’s time for the rest of us to ensure that we have the information and resources we need to meet demand. In that spirit, here’s our roundup of 2014 Holiday Cut-Off dates for the big three carriers in the US.


With UPS expecting an 11% increase in volume over the Christmas 2014 season, it’ll be more important than ever to make sure your packages are shipped early enough to get to your customers in time. UPS has published their ship by dates for 2014, here’s a summary for the most frequently used UPS services.

Service Ship By Notes
UPS Ground December 15th US Domestic shipments only, excludes Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii
UPS 3 Day Select December 18th US Domestic shipments only
UPS 2nd Day Air December 22nd US Domestic shipments only, some limitations in Alaska and Hawaii
UPS Next Day Air December 23rd US Domestic shipments only, some limitations in Alaska and Hawaii
UPS Express Critical December 24th US Domestic shipments only, excludes Alaska and Hawaii


FedEx expects an increase of 8.8% in volume this Christmas. They’ve outlined all of the cut-off dates for their services on their website and we’ve summarized the most popular services here.

Service Ship By Notes
FedEx Home Delivery & FedEx Ground December 17th US Domestic shipments only, excludes Puerto Rico
FedEx Express Saver December 20th US Domestic shipments only, excludes Puerto Rico
FedEx 2 Day December 22nd US Domestic shipments only, excludes Puerto Rico
FedEx Standard Overnight December 23rd US Domestic shipments only, excludes Puerto Rico
FedEx SameDay December 25th US Domestic shipments only, excludes Puerto Rico


Of the big three carriers, USPS predicts the largest increase with an estimate of 14% higher volume this holiday season over last year. All the details are on but we’ve summarized the most important information below.

Service Ship By Notes
Standard Post December 15th US Domestic shipments only
First Class Mail & Priority Mail December 20th US Domestic shipments only
Priority Mail Express December 23rd US Domestic shipments only


While we’ve summarized the most popular services from the most popular carriers above, it’s important that you make yourself familiar with the options and restrictions available from your carrier of choice and get in touch with your carrier representative or check their website for more information. If you have general questions about eCommerce shipping or ShipperHQ, feel free to reach out to us.

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Shipping Game Changers: Same Day Shipping

Author: Daniel Ziegler  |  October 29, 2014

We may be biased, but we’re convinced that eCommerce shipping is one of the most exciting and fastest-paced areas of innovation in eCommerce today. New shipping services, refinements on existing ideas, and exciting future possibilities open up almost daily. ShipperHQ exists to make these services, ideas, and possibilities a reality for merchants without the headaches and costs that often come along with being at the cutting edge. While there are a myriad of shipping services available to customers today, a new option is poised to make waves.

Comparison of Standard Carriers and Same Day Couriers

Modern Same Day Shipping is a reimagining of the oldest type of delivery service. In the good old days, you’d hire a guy with a wagon (or van in more recent years) who happened to be heading the right direction to pick goods up at your store and carry them to your customer. Now, internet and mobile technology allow for instant booking of deliveries with couriers across the country. All you have to do is book a delivery and a professional courier with a smart phone and a car shows up at your store in minutes ready to help.

So, what’s coming down the road (literally and figuratively!) for Same Day Shipping?

Read more about Same Day Shipping in our full blog post at…

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Magento’s Imagine eCommerce 2014 Conference

Author: Daniel Ziegler  |  May 28, 2014

It’s been two weeks since Imagine 2014 wrapped and the WebShopApps team is back at their desks hard at work making shipping as simple as possible for eCommerce merchants and web developers. However, we recently took a little while to reflect back on Imagine 2014 and put together a slideshow of what we did before, during, and after Imagine. Most of our team arrived on Saturday and we had a few hours for relaxing, planning, and, for several of our developers, stopping by the Magento Hackathon.

Imagine StageTransformingOn Sunday morning we headed out of the city for a team-building exercise. After the thrills of driving a buggy across the beautiful Nevada desert, consider the team built! We had enough time to clean the sand out of our hair before we headed over to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to get the party started. The pre-Imagine events were a great time to get to know many key members of the Magento community in a more intimate setting before the majority of attendees arrived on Monday. WebShopApps was proud to sponsor the #PreImagine Tweetup event.

Once Imagine began in earnest, our team split up with some of us going through the breakout session tracks; others spending time at our stand meeting customers, friends, and partners; others spent time meeting face to face with people we interact with regularly via phone and email. We were spread out during the day but gathered for the engaging keynote sessions. We were pleased to see so many WebShopApps customers and partners on stage throughout the event and we inspired by many of the keynote speakers.

ShipperHQSwagatStandOf particular interest to us was Malcolm Gladwell‘s talk on the tipping points that allow for transformation. He focused on shipping and, specifically Malcom McLean whose development of the standardized shipping container revolutionized commercial shipping. Gladwell left us with the encouragement to “Stand up and re-imagine your business.” That’s exactly what we’re doing at WebShopApps.

Following Imagine, our team got together again at Zion National Park in southern Utah for a few days of strategic planning, further team-building, and, of course, good fellowship, food, and drinks. We even had time for several hours spent hiking the Narrows or Angel’s Landing. This gave us time to start processing all that we had learned and experienced during Imagine.

There’s no doubt that Magento and the community that surrounds it is on the cutting edge of eCommerce. Because of this, it felt entirely appropriate that Imagine 2014 was the venue where we introduced the world to the revolution in eCommerce shipping: ShipperHQ.

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