WebShopApps has been working hard over the past year, and we are proud to announce the launch of ShipperHQ, the first carrier agnostic platform for managing and manipulating shipping rates. Initially available to Magento Enterprise customers, we will be adding support for Magento Community, Shopify, and BrilliantRetail by end of June. We are also working on adding other platforms, such as Big Commerce, in Q3.

For many of our customers, shipping is becoming a big part of their business. As competition in the online space grows, and as the eCommerce companies themselves continue to expand at a rapid rate it’s becoming ever more paramount to be able to offer customers the most accurate shipping prices possible, whilst having the flexibility to offer ad-hoc shipping promotions, loss-leaders, etc.

Empowering Merchants to Control Their Shipping

With the ShipperHQ platform, we’re working to bring together our deep experience and powerful software developed over the past 5 years into a single, simple to use interface.  Our aim: to empower merchants to control their shipping without the boundaries and restriction of technology holding them back.  With ShipperHQ we believe we have the future of eCommerce Shipping in our sights.

ShipperHQ will allow merchants to use their own carrier rates, set up special promotions, manage dimensional logic, implement multi-origin drop shipping, and give customers accurate timings on when deliveries will arrive. All of this inside a single consolidated solution that will only grow as we add and expand our capabilities. With partnerships in place across small package and LTL freight logistics providers we’re well positioned to provide merchants with the power they need, without the hassle of custom integration.

Meet ShipperHQ at Imagine eCommerce Conference

If you want to see the future of eCommerce shipping, stop by our lounge (#60) in Magento’s Imagine eCommerce conference marketplace! We’ll be glad to walk you through the powerful capabilities and shipping-centric dashboard of ShipperHQ or schedule a demo for a later date. Won’t be at Imagine? Contact us to set up a demo.

About WebShopApps

Far away from the VC backed world of Silicon Valley, a small company that recently moved its headquarters from the UK to Dublin, Ohio is changing the face of shipping within eCommerce.  WebShopApps was founded in 2008 by CEO Karen Baker and now, via a combination of paid and free apps, has over 70,000 merchants using their shipping rate software within the eBay-owned Magento ecosystem. WebShopApps are proud to be Magento Platinum Industry Partners, and innovators in the space of shipping rate software.