Management Summary

  • UPS are upgrading their required security protocols – you won’t be able to use their API services unless you comply
  • There is no firm date for when they will enforce this, it was originally planned for May 31st 2016
  • If you are a Magento user, below we include some things you can check and verify to ensure you will meet these requirements
  • No action is required if you are a ShipperHQ user since ShipperHQ already complies with the stricter UPS security requirements

Deeper Information

UPS have a detailed plan to upgrade their data security. As part of this plan, they will be enforcing stricter security protocols when you interact with their web services. To put it plainly, you’ll need to do some housekeeping if you are using Magento and any kind of UPS service.

Starting from May 31st 2016, UPS announced enforcement of TLS v1.2 on their web services and other online services like Recently, however, they announced that they are delaying enforcement with no firm date for enforcement. This delay is a great opportunity for merchants and developers to get this requirement met and forget about it, well before it becomes a headache.

If you are using any of the following:

  • Magento’s built-in UPS shipping carrier
  • Certain WebShopApps stand alone UPS extensions:
    • UPS Date Shipping
    • UPS Calendar
    • Delivery Options for UPS
    • UPS Zones
    • TForce Freight, Inc.
    • Dimensional Shipping
    • Address Validation via UPS
  • Any other UPS integration from a third party that accesses UPS via XML web services

To comply with this requirement, you do not need to modify your code or Magento itself. Instead, you’ll need to verify with your host the version of TLS that your server supports.

Some things to review are

  1. Confirm that the version of OpenSSL is v1.0.1 or higher
  2. Check the version of cURL you have, v7.34 or higher will include TLS v1.2
  3. TLS v1.2 is enabled with your version of cURL

ShipperHQ customers will not need to take any action as we have already verified that our interactions with UPS including live rates, freight and address validation meet their updated security requirements. Come talk to us. Your cart, your shipping, your rules.