Nexcess joined the Magento community in 2008 and have sponsored every Imagine event since the beginning. So, it’s fair to say their team knows their way around PreImagine. Their mission is to give back to the community and they have found great joy in helping out where they can.

The Nexcess team builds optimized web environments and have created their own tools to help optimize environments fore specific applications like Magento or WooCommmerce. Their experience and knowledge has been targeted to help Magento users since the beginning.

Jerry Eadeh, VP of Channel Sales of Nexcess, took some time to share his expertise on the Magento and PreImagine experience.

Where will you be traveling to Las Vegas from?

A large team of us will be traveling from Detroit, Michigan USA.  

What does being apart of the Magento Community mean to you?

The welcoming nature of every person involved has always inspired us to go further, and do a little more. All the companies involved in the Magento community are willing to work with one another to improve the merchant experience, and as we continue to build out partnerships we hope to continue giving back.

We are always growing and learning. Is there any one thing you would like to learn during the conference as a whole?

As a team we always hope to learn about the progress Magento has made this past year and what the platform’s expectations are for this year and beyond. It is also great to spend time with attendees and learn the new tricks that they are using so we can pass on these ideas to community.

How many years has Nexcess attended PreImagine? 

We’ve attended all the events and participated as a sponsor 5 times.

Why did your company decide to sponsor PreImagine this year?

We are always looking for ways to give back to the community.

What is your favorite memory from past PreImagines?

Aside from the conversations we have, during the last few years our favorite moment was when everyone comes together for a large group picture.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

Getting out of the snow 🙂 It’s been an exceptionally snowy season this year in Detroit.

What would you list as the biggest benefit of attending PreImagine?

It’s the premier networking event at Imagine.  All the big players attend this event more than any other event around the conference.

Do you have any advice for first time attendees?

Make sure to network and talk with as many people as possible at PreImagine