The most comprehensive Magento shipping solution for custom shipping rates and a personalized checkout experience.

ShipperHQ is the #1 solution for the Magento ecosystem focused on the customer shipping experience in the cart and checkout.

We’re not just here to fetch rates or print labels, we’re here to help you convert more visitors and create loyal customers with the end-to-end checkout experience buyers desire and deserve.

77% of online shoppers will abandon their cart if the shipping options aren’t what they want. That’s a lot of sales dollars walking away from your checkout.

We want to empower merchants stop the abandonment with a shipping and checkout experience that not only converts visitors, but keeps them coming back for more.

What is ShipperHQ?

ShipperHQ provides merchants with the tools they need to offer competitive shipping rates and the convenient delivery options customers expect at checkout.

ShipperHQ empowers Magento merchants to drive sales with the customized shipping rates and delivery options buyers desire at checkout. 

Our number one goal with ShipperHQ is to help merchants around the world leverage shipping to achieve eCommerce success.

We have the tools retailers need to manage complex shipping and delivery scenarios, make shipping profitable and leverage the shipping and checkout experience to differentiate from competitors.

ShipperHQ is built on the deep expertise gained from serving tens of thousands of retailers worldwide through our WebShopApps extensions, including MatrixRate, the #1 Magento shipping extension. 

In 2015, we took the best of WebShopApps and brought it all together as ShipperHQ. This enabled us to give our merchants the same powerful features, but with more flexibility, broader carrier integrations and leading-edge advanced capabilities, all controlled in one place.

As an official Magento Technology Partner since 2011, ShipperHQ is also the only rating-focused UPS Ready® provider in the Magento shipping ecosystem. 

Explore the Possibilities with ShipperHQ

Provide Irresistible Delivery Choices at Checkout

With ShipperHQ, Magento merchants can easily manage what shipping rates and methods they show at checkout. We offer live rates and support for 30+ carriers including LTL freight and innovative delivery solutions like same-day, in-home and cross-border.

Give customers even more convenience and flexibility with custom carrier options, like table rates, flat and free rates, in-store pickup and more.

It’s your checkout, and we believe you should have full control over it. That means being able to tailor your shipping methods and rates based on product type, shipping destination, cart quantity and more. 

Hide slow shipping methods for perishable goods, rate shop for the cheapest ground option, offer free shipping over $50, you name it. All of it is possible with ShipperHQ.

Control Your Margins with More Accurate Rates

Whether you want to profit from shipping or differentiate your business with the lowest delivery costs, getting an accurate rate return makes all the difference to your margins. 

Our proven Dimensional Packing solution calculates rates based on how you actually pack your products. Account for box sizes, extra packaging weight, packing items separately or in multiple boxes, and more.

And since our Dimensional Packing solution works in real-time, you can show live rates for big and bulky items and LTL shipments too. What else can ShipperHQ do for you?

Other Ways ShipperHQ Can Improve Your Shipping

If you aren’t showing delivery dates, I can pretty much guarantee you’re losing customers.

Today’s eCommerce buyers desire more transparency and detailed information when it comes to shipping. If you want to compete with Amazon, you need to assure buyers your shipment will arrive on their doorstep just as quickly.

That’s where our Date and Time functionality comes in. Account for cutoff times, blackout dates, lead times and more to give your buyers accurate delivery dates.

ShipperHQ is also a leading solution for dropshippers and other companies shipping out of multiple locations or warehouses. With our Multi-Origin Shipping feature, you can automatically show shipping rates from the closest location to your customer, or from as few warehouses as possible.

A Totally New Checkout Experience

Now, Magento 2 merchants can take their checkout even further with a shipping experience unlike any other extension in the ecosystem.

The ShipperHQ Enhanced Checkout features Amazon-style split shipping to give customers the freedom to choose their preferred delivery method for individual shipments in the order.

This comes in handy for merchants that sell a wide variety of products. Maybe some are available for in-store pickup or require expedited shipping, while others need an LTL carrier. With the Enhanced Checkout, it’s easy to allow that flexibility and keep it simple for the customer.

The Enhanced Checkout also comes with expanded support for some of the most popular delivery options your buyers want. 

Magento 2 merchants can offer in-store pickup with added store details and location map, as well as show a calendar view and time-slot selector, so customers are able to choose the method, date and time most convenient to them.

For merchants, we’ve also incorporated an Enhanced Order view that provides robust order information and shipping details to boost your fulfillment speed and accuracy. Details include packing specifications, shipping rates and methods, dispatch date and more.

Did I mention that all of this is available as an out-of-the-box solution for fast integration and no additional development time or cost? You’ll be hard-pressed to find this level of flexibility and control anywhere else without having to build it yourself.

Enterprise-grade Logistics For Everyone

Our robust advanced features are powerful enough to meet the most complex needs of Enterprise retailers, yet flexible enough to fit any business. With several subscription levels, ShipperHQ can scale with you as your shipping needs grow.

Plus, ShipperHQ’s functionality is backed by an innovative GraphQL Rating API that makes everything we do possible and portable. So if your needs are really custom, you have the ability to build your own integration into your backend system.

Work With Our Shipping Experts

ShipperHQ is the culmination of over 11 years of shipping experience gained from working with tens of thousands of merchants worldwide.

After personally dealing with the some of the struggles of eCommerce shipping, we decided to do something about it. Today, we’re proud to help Magento merchants bring the complexity of their shipping needs under control.

Our award-winning customer success team are approachable and passionate about solving your shipping problems. And with offices in the UK, Australia and the heart of Texas, we’re here to help no matter where you are.

Our team of eCommerce shipping experts are happy to get up and running in no time. With Consultation Services, Priority Support, and Configuration Services, we can guide you towards the best setup for your shipping goals, or put your shipping strategy in our hands and we’ll take care of setup for you. 

Let us help you create custom shipping experiences and a winning checkout process for your Magento store. Get started with your No Risk 30 Day Free Trial. Download our free extension from the Magento Marketplace and visit to sign up.