With everyone stuck at home, online shopping has never been more appealing. But what are people buying? Here are a few industries to keep an eye on.

In the eCommerce world right now, seasonal trends are kind of thrown out the window. At the moment, it’s all about staying sane and keeping life indoors as comfortable as possible. But what are people buying right now?

Everyone is stocking up on essentials, trying to stay healthy and wanting to entertain themselves in new ways. In fact, overall eCommerce in the US is up by 25% and 33% in the U.K., according to Adobe Digital Economy Index.

Let’s take a look at four different industries where eCommerce sales are on the rise.

4 Verticals to Watch for eCommerce Growth 

Food and Beverage

With everything going on, this one obviously makes sense. We’ve all witnessed people rushing to the grocery store and panic shopping their way to empty aisles. During these times, having a stock of your favorite chocolate treat, or even just shelf stable food like pasta, really keeps your mind at ease. Hence, more and more people are turning directly to food and beverage brands to get their fix. 

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Home, Office & Cleaning Supplies

For many, this is the first time they’ve had to work remotely long-term. And on top of this, really thinking about whether their home environment is clean and cozy enough after the work day ends. Not only are people purchasing office supplies, like ergonomically safe chairs and desks, but also cleaning wipes, soap and of course, toilet paper. It’s not all about the essential things either – now’s the opportunity to brighten up the house with plants and extra lighting.

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Toys, Games and Hobbies

If there was ever a time to rediscover a hobby, or try a new one, it’s now. From puzzles to video games, knitting, cooking or playing music, people are looking for ways to fill up their free time (besides binge watching tv or movies). And that’s just what adults are buying for themselves. Parents are having to stock up on art supplies, board games, dolls, trucks and much more to keep their kids entertained for hours.

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Sports and Fitness Equipment

Just because people are confined to their home, doesn’t mean they’re not still thinking of their health. Orders for equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells and treadmills are through the roof right now as people set up their own home gym. And since outdoor time is encouraged (as long as we all keep our distance), family bike rides, backyard soccer matches or long hikes call for new gadgets as well.

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Honorable Mentions for What People are Buying

Of course, what’s been listed already is just a taste of what people are buying. Baby products (diapers, formula), electronics (computers, tvs), and pharmaceuticals (cold and pain relievers) also saw a rise in sales as people stay indoors and prepare for the coming months.

Key Takeaways

Regardless of what you sell online, during these unprecedented times business as usual doesn’t make the cut. If you aren’t already, take a look at your digital experiences and make sure they run as smoothly as they can. From the moment a prospect lands on your homepage, all the way through the checkout process.  

On top of this, you’ve got to keep a pulse on customer sentiment toward your brand. A lot of this will come down to your messaging, and how empathetic and understanding you are about the current climate. Your messaging doesn’t have to be doom and gloom either. If your brand is more playful, go that direction but still acknowledge the situation. 

Paperchase is a prime example here. With a lot of children, high school and college students attending online classes, school supplies are in high demand. 

Another thing you’ll need to do is state what your shipping policies are immediately on your website. With major carriers experiencing more delays than usual, be upfront that shipping might take a few more days. You can even put a bar on the top of your site that addresses this, rather than taking up a large portion of your homepage.