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Custom boxes can transform an ecommerce experience from feeling ordinary to feeling like a bespoke experience. Would you ever admire your package if it was wrapped in air bubble packs inside a plain brown Styrofoam loaded box, with a copy of your invoice attached by the side? Or, would you prefer a lovely and colorful box with eye-catching concepts and a hand-written appreciation note to go along? That’s where custom boxes come in.

Packaging boxes are almost a requirement these days, especially with the rise of e-commerce and online shopping. Statistics have it that about 75% of people shop online at least once every month, thanks to platforms like Amazon.

Premium packaging is one way to boost marketing, loyalty, and sales. And one way to achieve that is by using custom boxes.

What Are Custom Boxes?

Custom boxes are packaging boxes or shipping boxes with customized dimensions, shapes, designs, and printing. This initiative helps to make such a product stand out from the crowd, while subtly helping to market and promote it.

What Is Brand Experience?

In the Journal of Marketing, Brand Experience was defined as the “sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral responses evoked by brand-related stimuli that are a part of a brand’s design and identity, packaging, communications, and environments.”

This obviously sounds too technical. So, in simple terms, brand experience is a series of activities and circumstances that spark emotions and positive feelings from customers. 

From the definition, we can say that every interaction that builds up to building a positive brand experience in the minds of the customers is worth the shot. According to Chris Cavanaugh, “it is about designing a sensory experience that brings a person into a lasting and meaningful relationship with a brand.”

A customized packaging box is one way to sell your brand’s story and leave your brand’s identity and message resonating with customers. It makes you intentional and gives you an edge over a host of competitors.

Why Go for A Custom Box?

There are a thousand and one reasons why custom packaging is beneficial to you and your business. Asides from clearly distinguishing you from your competitors, these are some other reasons to subscribe to using custom boxes:

1. Brand Identity

First, you must understand that your brand identity is everything your packaging is. Your brand and what it stands for lies in the visual representation of your product’s packaging. It speaks volumes about what you represent as a business.

According to Liam Curley in Business 2 Community, the customer’s perception and feeling of your packaging are always transferred to the product. If your packaging is poor and drab, it also indirectly says the same for your brand.

2. Visibility, Recognition, And Differentiation

Also, upon initial contact and without any prior information, the first difference a buyer notices when two products are placed side by side is the brand packaging. And surely, as a business, you need all the positive attention you can get.

Custom boxes also provide you the option of printing your logo, slogan, and any other thing that identifies with your business. That alone promotes your brand, gives it more visibility, and helps it to be easily recognized.

These days packaging isn’t only for functionality; it’s also about making your customers’ purchase experience memorable. With custom boxes, you can stand out from a sea of other brown boxes- or brands, if you may.

3. Choice of Material

Custom boxes also offer you the option of selecting the type of material that would be best for your product. Unlike with ready-made boxes, there’s usually the option of choosing between cardboard or Kraft.

Unlike plastics, these other options can be reused; they are easily recyclable, they decompose with ease and are totally eco-friendly.

4. Flexible Design

Another reason custom boxes are a definite “yes” is that; you can always be flexible in your designs. This means it provides you with the option of alternating for shapes, patterns and colors, themes, and messages.

Custom boxes allow you to wrap the products in boxes that reflect special seasons- such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even a birthday. This add-on gives you a competitive edge over other sellers.

5. Consumer Behavior

When a brand appeals positively to consumers, they tend to associate with it; this, in turn, triggers loyalty and keeps them as ‘repeat-customers.’ 

Design elements such as the imagery used, color, or fonts can evoke strong emotions and memories in the minds of the consumer. When this happens, such a product resonates and appeals to the customers not only mentally, but also emotionally. And usually, emotions sponsor behavior.

6. Boosts Sales 

Packaging has a direct effect on sales as well, and custom boxes are also an excellent way to achieve this. Humans are generally attracted to good visuals. If people are attracted to your packaging, they’ll most likely buy your product.

This was the case with the MillerCoors beer brand. They witnessed a whopping 5% increase in sales from doing nothing asides changing their beer can.

In a survey recently conducted by DotCom distribution, it was noted that about 52% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases if an online retailer offers premium packaging experiences.

What’s the ROI for Custom Boxes?

While some retailers may see exceptional packaging or custom boxes as additional costs– something to be minimized, studies and examples have proved otherwise. So, what kind of ROI should one expect from going ‘custom?’

It’s almost impossible to put a monetary tag on the stream of returns that customer loyalty and exceptional brand identity can give.

In a blog post for Nielsen, Randall Beard, a marketing and consumer packaged goods expert, wrote that “the great thing about packaging is that it’s ‘always on.’ Once the investment has been made, it’s all dividends for years. Indeed, once a brand design or logo ‘takes,’ its value often increases with age.”

According to him, “the ROI is typically much, much higher than almost any episodic marketing activity.” As statistics and numerous examples have shown, just as in the case of MillerCoors beer brand, good packaging has a direct impact on sales, customer loyalty, and retention. 

Nielsen went ahead to conduct a research, which showed that optimized package redesigns create at an average, a 5.5% increase in projected sales revenues over previous and existing designs.

For all it’s worth, it’s clear that there’s no telling what the potential returns can be when you go for premium packaging.


Packaging isn’t all there is to selling, but it’s definitely a great way to begin. Upon delivering your customers’ orders, your packaging boxes are the first point of interaction and experience with your brand and what it stands for. Don’t wait till they empty the content. By using a custom box, you can be sure to create a strong and lasting impression on your customers.