A lot has changed in ShipperHQ —and the world—since we launched. Looking to the future, we want to continue expanding our product and capabilities with innovative features, partnerships and  integrations that serve you. Our last price increase for legacy plans was in 2016. Since then, we have brought 34 new carrier integrations, doubled our advanced features and capabilities, expanded the number of platforms we support, and added major integrations to enable cross border and post order capabilities.

To reflect all of that added value, and continue to invest in delivering innovative product features, updates and services, a necessary and honest price increase is overdue. One of our core values at ShipperHQ is to be “unflinchingly honest”, and we owe that to the customers we deeply value. So, starting October 15, 2022 the subscription price of all existing plans will be increasing. You will be notified via email of your specific price increase amount and the date it will become effective.

We know that any increase in price is never welcome news, and we understand the pressure of increasing expenses because we have been experiencing them too. But we stand firmly by the value of our product. We have seen first-hand how it has enabled thousands of our customers to grow, scale, and sell more to stay competitive. This price change will allow us to continue our own growth, and provide greater service and innovation that will benefit all of our customers in the long run, and we hope you feel the same. 

What’s Next?

As a loyal customer impacted by this transition, keep your eye on your inbox for more notifications and information around this change. You will see this pricing increase reflected on your next billing cycle (on or after October 15, or 30 days after you were first notified of the increase via email).

We will continue to earn your business every day by providing a solution that delivers great value for the investment. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing this journey of shared growth and success in the future. 

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about this change, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team members across the organization are ready to help however we can.


Will pricing only be increased for legacy plans?

No, ShipperHQ’s pricing has already increased for new customers. As loyal customers on a legacy plan we are offering you our lowest available pricing.

When does the pricing increase go into effect?

The increase is effective starting October 15, 2022 and will be reflected on your next billing cycle on or after October 15, 2022. If you are currently on annual billing this transition will not take effect until your renewal date. Visit your dashboard’s Billing page to see your next renewal date.

Does the new pricing increase affect monthly and annual plans?

Yes. The increase will be applied to both monthly and annual plans.

My ShipperHQ account is currently taking advantage of a promotion — will the price increase impact that?

Active discounts will still apply with the legacy plan price increase for the duration of the discount period or the promotion, as applicable.

Will this impact my UPS Digital Connections funds?

No. Active discounts and pricing for UPS Digital Connections funds are not changing at this time. For a breakdown of special pricing please visit our UPS Ready page.

Does the pricing change apply to ShipperHQ accounts in countries outside of the US?

No, these changes only apply to accounts paying in USD at this time.

How can I use ShipperHQ to offset this price increase?

  1. Increase conversions with accurate delivery times in your checkout with
    Delivery Date & Time. (Did you know 85% of consumers want full visibility into shipping timelines before making any online purchase?)
  2. Grow margins by returning more accurate rates to customers,
    setting your own rates or creating surcharges
  3. Stop wasting money on corrected address fees and protect your bottom line with Address Validation. (Did you know…that UPS and FedEx both charge $10.00 for each corrected address shipped by ground and $11.00 per package shipped via air?)