Today’s savvy online shopper wants everything to be instant. Thanks to the “The Amazon Effect,” we live in an On-Demand Economy with buyers expecting flexible and speedy delivery now more than ever. One such way for merchants to offer this type of experience is through time slot delivery.

With time slot delivery, customers can pick a delivery date and time that works for their schedule. It’s like handing them convenience and control on a platter. Because time-sensitive delivery days like birthdays and anniversaries are constantly happening, time slot delivery will always be relevant to your customers.

What Are the Benefits of Time Slot Delivery?

  • Extra Security – Time slot delivery offers an additional layer of security from those pesky porch pirates. Both sender and receiver get peace of mind and know exactly when their order is going to be shipped out and delivered.
  • Customer Satisfaction – By giving customers control over their delivery, they know exactly when they’re going to receive their goods. Thus, boosting customer satisfaction, confidence in your brand, and loyalty.
  • Reduce Friction – Time slots also helps reduce failed delivery attempts and business non-deliveries, resulting in big savings and more efficiency.

Here’s what you can do to make time slot delivery go off without a hitch.

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Advertise shipping cutoff dates

According to a UPS survey, 17% of online shoppers make purchases based on delivery options. In fact, 45% are willing to shop with someone else if the delivery choices you offer are unsatisfactory (too costly and too slow).

This number likely rises on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays or other gift giving opportunities when buyers need an item on or by a specific date.

One way to stand out from your competitors? Advertise shipping cutoff dates around special occasions right on your homepage or the product page.


Test delivery options, and then test them some more. There’s a lot of room to optimize your ecommerce shipping strategy, and the first step is to test and find out what works best for you and your customers.

For example:

  • Experiment with a later same-day shipping or next-day delivery cut off times
  • Offer free shipping, and test out short lead times, on best selling products
  • Install a date and/or delivery time slot picker (calendar) at checkout
  • Experiment with delivery methods, like using local couriers

Track your metrics

Even if you aren’t ready to experiment yet, it’s always a good idea to give your business a fulfillment process a report card.

If your ecommerce cart allows for it, track the percentage of your orders that have been fulfilled on time and in-full. Do this by comparing the delivery date requested by your customer to the actual receipt date.

If your businesses passes with flying colors, great. If your business fails the test, it’s time to go back to #2 and experiment.

Don’t Leave Customers Out of the Equation.

Consider asking for feedback about your delivery and packaging to ensure your shipments are arriving in the condition you intended. Allowing your customers to choose delivery date and time slots can increase conversions and create loyal customers who come back for more.

On Magento 2? You’re in luck.

Delivery Calendar and Timeslots in ShipperHQ’s Enhanced Checkout

ShipperHQ recently launched a new Enhanced Checkout for Magento 2 users.

As the only out of-the-box shipping checkout solution out there, ShipperHQ’s Enhanced Checkout gives your buyers a personalized experience. This includes more convenience at checkout, with options like time slot delivery, click & collect and calendar date selection.

Our Amazon-style checkout not only offers split shipping, but provides you with advanced order details. You will see packaging specifications, shipping methods and dispatch dates for each order.

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