We’re proud to announce our partnership with Auctane, home to brands ShipStation and ShipEngine.

As another leading shipping management solution, Auctane products help retailers manage post-order shipment with integrations to more than 160 marketplaces, selling channels, carriers and fulfillment providers. Paired with ShipperHQ’s powerful pre-purchase shipping solution, merchants can seamlessly manage shipping with full control from browsing, to checkout and delivery.

Auctane and ShipperHQ together make up a powerful combination of tools that turn shipping into an automated, intelligent process that converts shoppers and boosts brand loyalty.

Merchants who leverage both solutions will give ecommerce retailers unprecedented control over their shipping strategy.

With powerful tools to pull live rates, customize shipping methods offered, show delivery dates, create labels,  import and organize orders for shipping, and much more, it’s a true full-featured experience, even for retailers with complex shipping circumstances.  

How Do ShipStation + ShipEngine Work?

ShipStation and ShipEngine work together to form a comprehensive post-order shipping management solution. For retailers with multiple selling channels and carriers, the solution’s automated tools come second to none in the post-order process. Using it, merchants can manage all orders in one place and seamlessly coordinate labeling and dispatching. Features like auto-selected shipping preferences, customized automation rules, and batch label printing make fulfillment, a smooth, hands-off process.

With ShipStation and ShipEngine, retailers can: 

  • Import orders and print labels for sales from all channels
  • Manage all orders in one place, and apply automation rules to save time and minimize shipping errors
  • Dynamically generate discounted shipping labels with integrated Shipstation rates or your own negotiated rates 
  • Provide a high-quality post-purchase experience with customized labels, a branded return portal and useful tracking pages 

Retailers have many options when it comes to post-order fulfillment solutions, but Shipstation and ShipEngine stand apart. With more than 160 integrations, they connect to more channels and marketplaces than any platform of its kind. Both with a beautiful, user-friendly interface, automation and rule creation is simple and intuitive, eliminating the need to wait for developer resources to update shipping preferences.

How Does ShipperHQ Work?

ShipperHQ puts complete control of the pre-purchase shipping experience in the merchant’s hands. With tools built for checkout optimization, you have the power to align your shipping strategy to your goals and the way your business operates.

ShipperHQ Key Features Include:

  • Shipping Rules – Easily set up a long-term shipping strategy, or makes changes. Create free shipping offerings, add promotional thresholds, increase shipping surcharges during specific holidays, and apply rules for any checkout scenario you can think of. 
  • Dimensional Packing – Ensure every shipment is packed and shipped as efficiently and accurately as possible using our intelligent dimensional packing logic. Automate box selection for every order, create unique product packing rules and calculate rates based on dimensional weight.
  • In-Store Pickup – Meet the demand of the 45% of customers who’d prefer to pick up orders from local stores in person instead of waiting for a shipment. Easily enable in-store, curbside or alternate location pickup services.
  • Delivery Date & Time – Create an Amazon-like checkout experience with clear delivery dates and time slot delivery via a calendar selector. Gain an edge over competitors who only offer delivery timeframes by configuring cutoff times, blackout dates, shipping lead times and more.
  • Multi-Origin Shipping – Use our smart rating technology to determine the best store, warehouse or dropshipper to send packages out of, whether it be the closest location or one that can fulfill an order with the fewest number of shipments. 
  • Backup Carriers – Mitigate API rating issues and delays by enabling a backup carrier in advance, keeping customers happy and loyal to your company. 
  • Address Validation – Say goodbye to unexpected residential surcharges or redelivery fees by automatically validating address types on every order. 

The Power of Auctane and ShipperHQ 

Together, ShipperHQ, Shipstation, and ShipEngine create a comprehensive, end-to-end shipping management solution that’s customized to every merchant’s needs. Leveraging both platforms together, you can: 

  • Set Your Own Rules – Create real-time shipping rates and rules based on what you sell, where your customers are, how you want to ship, and more.
  • Increase Conversions – Provide customers with transparent shipping information at checkout and a high-quality post-purchase experience (including a return portal).
  • Create Labels – Generate custom-labels or create automation rules that do it for you. Print discounted or branded labels in real-time. 
  • Import and Manage Orders  – Manage orders from every selling channel in one place so you have complete control over your shipping processes during every step. 
Life-cycle of shopper from product selection though checkout and fulfillment

Ready To Close the Gap In Your Shipping Strategy with Auctane and ShipperHQ?  

Together, ShipperHQ and Auctane bring your shipping strategy full circle. With more control over your shipping experience, you’ll spend less time managing the details and more time running your business. Talk to a shipping expert today to learn how you can be one of the first to try the powerful new integration: