ShipperHQ’s PWA-enabled Enhanced Checkout functionality helps merchants differentiate themselves from competitors with an optimized and streamlined pre-purchase experience.

ShipperHQ, the leading Shipping Rate Management Platform for online retailers, today announced its upgraded Adobe Commerce Enhanced Checkout solution at Adobe Summit 2021.

Adobe Commerce merchants that integrate with ShipperHQ’s out-of-the-box PWA-powered checkout experience gain access to innovative, customer-friendly capabilities including time-slot delivery, a calendar selector, and split shipping. Additional functionality includes robust order information like packing specifications, shipping rates and methods, and dispatch dates. 

“Our goal for Enhanced Checkout is to make it easier for merchants to take ecommerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Target head-on, without custom development time and funds required,” said Karen Baker, CEO and Founder of ShipperHQ. “Over the past year, we’ve helped several Adobe Commerce merchants transform their checkout and provide a buying experience customers expect with our Enhanced Checkout solution – one that is fast, streamlined, and considers their shipping needs and schedule in the midst of the pandemic and acceleration of ecommerce as a whole.”

ShipperHQ’s decade-long partnership with Magento Commerce (now a part of Adobe) began with the launch of the company’s WebShopApps shipping extensions. Built to address a variety of shipping variables, these extensions quickly became a go-to in the Magento ecosystem, eventually evolving into the extensive, single platform experience known today as ShipperHQ. The company’s relationship with Adobe has continued to evolve since the acquisition with the announcement of ShipperHQ becoming an Accelerate Partner in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program and its selection as the official pre-purchase shipping solution provider for Magento Shipping merchants

“ShipperHQ was created to conquer some of the most challenging shipping requirements we hear from merchants every day,” said Quentin Montalto, COO of ShipperHQ. “Enhanced Checkout is the next evolution of this idea, driven by the ever-increasing demand for more detailed shipping fulfillment information and convenient delivery options. It’s a win-win for merchants and customers alike. They get an Amazon-like experience while the merchant receives details that automate their shipping processes and improve pick and pack efficiency.”

With Enhanced Checkout for Adobe Commerce, merchants have access to:

  • Split Shipping – A divided checkout experience that allows customers to choose individualized delivery choices for each shipment
  • PWA-Ready Technology – Receive a fully responsive checkout with instant rate returns and minimal maintenance
  • Expanded Shipping Offerings – Support for convenient delivery options like buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), time-slot delivery, alternative delivery, delivery dates, and a calendar date selector
  • Shipping Insights – Quickly view details such as packing and box specifications, shipping rates, methods chosen at checkout, dispatch, delivery date and time, carrier quotes, and shipping fees

“Enhanced Checkout from ShipperHQ helps our merchants streamline their pre-purchase checkout and shipping experience, leading to more satisfied customers, decreased cart abandonment, and better conversion rates.” 

Cody Crnkovich, Head of Platform Partners and Strategy at Adobe

About ShipperHQ 

ShipperHQ’s Shipping Rate Management Platform lets ecommerce merchants optimize their checkout experience with the most comprehensive and extensible shipping rates and delivery options for every buying scenario you can imagine. Integrated with 50+ carriers, our platform provides thousands of merchants with the most accurate shipping rates possible.