Research shows that easy access to clear delivery information empowers potential buyers to make purchasing decisions before they even reach checkout. We just built the ultimate solution for a frictionless buying experience: total delivery transparency right on the product page! With our new Product Page Shipping Calculator, merchants can leverage their existing shipping strategy to show delivery rates and dates tailored to every product.

The Problem of Abandoned Carts

Baymard Institute reports that the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.80%. Of those abandoned carts, 50% is caused by unexpected extra costs like shipping, and 20% is due to too-slow shipping. The obvious solution to this is to make shipping costs and dates totally clear upfront. In reality, nearly half of major ecommerce sites actually fail in displaying the right delivery information, despite having access to more money and resources than the average merchant. This is because most brands show shipping speeds rather than delivery dates. What users really care about is not “shipping speed” but rather the delivery date, when they will receive their order. So, to help our merchants conquer cart abandonment before checkout, we’ve created a customizable and intelligent Product Page Shipping Calculator.

Graph showing reasons for abandoned shopping carts during checkout
Baymard Institute

Our Solution for Adobe Commerce

Research from Convey shows that 60.7% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if they see delivery information, and 47% will avoid re-ordering because of a lack of delivery transparency. That’s why our Product Page Shipping Calculator is the key to offering a frictionless buying experience while solving cart abandonment issues BEFORE checkout. We’re adding a shipping rate calculator on the details page of a product, so customers can see shipping options, costs, and delivery dates when viewing a product. Once they enter their postal code, they can see the relevant delivery options tailored to them and that product. 

This increased transparency empowers shoppers to make more informed buying decisions and mitigates cart abandonment risks due to shipping. We often see this functionality on big sites like Amazon. It especially increases conversions for single-item orders, and now we’re making it available for all Magento 2 merchants. With ShipperHQ, these merchants can offer a competitive digital experience by helping customers reach a purchasing decision by the time they arrive at the checkout.

Amazon’s vs ShipperHQ’s Shipping Calculator

Amazon's shipping calculator on their product page

Amazon’s Way

One marketplace that does get the presentation of delivery information right is Amazon. As the goliath of ecommerce, Amazon has redefined the way people shop and expect to shop. On each product page, buyers can easily see the free shipping option and the fastest option with their delivery dates. One thing that is missing is the cost of that speedier option. This means that more likely than not, buyers will reach the shopping cart and balk at the unexpected cost. Not all merchants have the time and resources for the custom development this type of experience would require. That’s why we’ve created a new feature our merchants can quickly enable.

ShipperHQ's customizable product page shipping calculator

ShipperHQ’s Way

Our new feature includes a customizable display so customers can enter their zip code, state, and/or country. They will then see the shipping rates and options for this product right on the product page. This display is also themeable and translatable to your site using Magento 2’s native translation and theming capabilities. Best of all, our Product Page Shipping Calculator leverages your existing ShipperHQ configuration for other features like Shipping Rules and Delivery Date & Time to provide accurate rates and dates for each product that fit your unique business needs. No need for hours of custom development – just switch on the feature in your dashboard!

The Product Page Shipping Calculator in Action

This shipping calculator will make a huge difference for all ecommerce merchants. Here are some ways in which this convenient customer experience will be crucial for doing business in the long run:

  • Confident Preorders: In many cases, when stock is currently unavailable, customers drop out of checkout due to insecurity around shipping. For preorders, providing clear delivery methods, costs, and dates will give buyers the confidence to go forward in their purchase, despite there being a longer lead time.
  • Large Items, Luxury Goods, Etc: The number one reason for abandoned carts is unexpected fees, taxes, or shipping costs. When shipping large items or luxury goods, our Shipping Calculator provides total delivery transparency right on the product page. By anticipating the customer’s need for delivery information, merchants can solve cart abandonment issues before the customer reaches checkout!
  • Time-Sensitive Delivery: 82% of consumers want to shop from brands that provide clear delivery dates. Providing accurate delivery dates right on every product page will empower customers to make purchasing decisions and move forward in the buying journey.
  • International Shipping: Cross-border ecommerce in 2021 and beyond is the key to exponential online growth. To facilitate global conversions, the Product Page Shipping Calculator sets clear expectations for international costs and delivery timeframes to the customer’s region right on the product page.  

Get One Step Closer to Digital Transformation Today

A frictionless buying experience that puts your customers first is within reach! The Product Page Shipping Calculator is now available to Adobe Commerce/Magento 2 merchants on ShipperHQ’s Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plans. Check out our guides on setting up your calculator and theming it to match your store to start conquering cart abandonment today.

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