Seamlessly integrate UPS® rates into your WooCommerce store checkout at zero cost! Read on to see how merchants on WooCommerce can now access UPS® rates for free on ShipperHQ.

Quick question for you — are you currently using WooCommerce? Would you like to seamlessly add UPS® rates to your checkout for free?

If you answered yes (or how did you know I needed this?!), then we have an exciting offer to share with you: ShipperHQ now offers a free plan for customers on WooCommerce who use UPS®! We’re calling it the ‘ShipperHQ Lite Plan”. Catchy, right?

This WooCommerce + UPS® offer provides a free solution for using UPS rates on WooCommerce.

Let’s dig into what’s included in this free offer:

  • 1,000 UPS® shipping quote requests monthly
  • Access to published Daily Rates for UPS® small package services
  • Access to published Daily Rates for UPS® Access Point locations

A small, but important note to keep in mind: you cannot use your own UPS® account for this plan. However, if you would like to expand your ShipperHQ experience by using your own negotiated rates, unlocking advanced features like Delivery Date & Time, Dimensional Packing, or create your own shipping rules then you just need to upgrade your ShipperHQ plan accordingly — and you can do that directly within your dashboard. Easy peasy!

Sounds Great, But Why is ShipperHQ Offering This for Free?

Great question! We want to fill the void that was left in your heart when the UPS® rating apps were removed from WooCommerce. This new — and did we mention free? — offering allows users to easily access UPS Access Point® and small package rates in their WooCommerce checkouts, just by using our plugin.

This new ShipperHQ plan offers you — a savvy WooCommerce merchant — a free option for easily accessing UPS® rates. This means being able to utilize UPS® as your carrier AND getting to optimize your checkout. The best part? No additional fee!

Also, did you know that other WooCommerce plugins are not certified by UPS®? As a UPS Ready® Provider of UPS® functionality for over 6 years, ShipperHQ has proven support for UPS® and has been rigorously tested by them, so you know you’re good to go with us!

I Still Want to See More Benefits

We like you — you want all the information you can get about this offer and we respect that!

Here’s a few more benefits to this Free UPS® integration that we think you’ll enjoy:

  • Immediately active with no necessary trial period
    Get going, quickly! Nothing quite like a simple and fast setup.
  • Easy. Seamless. FREE.
    Our three favorite words
  • Effortlessly add UPS® shipping options at checkout to offer customers multiple delivery options from a trusted carrier
    AKA a glow-up to your shoppers’ experience at checkout and delivery
  • Lower costs associated with delivery
    Who doesn’t love savings?

How Can I Sign Up?

We got you covered! Head over here to sign up for free.

Still have questions? You know we’re always here for you — check out our ShipperHQ Help Docs for how to set up this plan or reach out to us anytime!