This week in the world of shipping and eCommerce…

Welcome back to our weekly round up of the latest shipping and ecommerce news and tips. Today’s reading list includes insights on leveraging business intelligence in eCommerce shipping, improving your site checkout, and what to do when your Amazon sales start to eat away at your core website business.

Modern Business Intelligence for E-commerce Shipping

The growth of eCommerce is driving businesses to take a closer look at their shipping and logistics. Companies should create plans for reviewing carrier delivery performance and cost saving opportunities. For example, are you sending a package with premium overnight when a lower cost options would arrive on the same day?


ShipperHQ Takeaway:

No surprise here, but we always encourage companies to evaluate their shipping options. Our entire platform is built around helping you optimize shipping to deliver the best experience at the lowest cost. If you follow the recommendations in this article and discover you need additional carrier options, be sure to check out the new ShipperHQ Marketplace to find a carrier that meets your needs.

How to Fix Your Ecommerce Checkout to Sell More

Your checkout page is probably the most important page on your website. If the page isn’t optimized, you could be losing valuable sales due to shoppers abandoning their carts. Follow these best practices to ensure you offer a seamless checkout experience:

  • Minimize the number of fields.
  • Use dropdowns for long lists and buttons for shorter lists.
  • For forms, enable autofill and use field labels instead of placeholders.
  • Make sure the total price is always visible.


ShipperHQ Takeaway:

Cart abandonment is huge problem for merchants. Our goal is to make sure your shipping options aren’t the cause of shoppers not completing a purchase. Check out our top 3 Ways to Combat Cart Abandonment by Reducing Unexpected Costs.

What to Do When Amazon Sales Cannibalize Your Ecommerce Sales

Your Amazon sales are taking off, but is it coming at a cost? Frequently merchants find that their website sales tank as their Amazon sales skyrocket. The problem is the margin is better on your website. What can you do? Merchants should practice price and distribution control to avoid price erosion from Amazon.


ShipperHQ Takeaway:

You can’t deny marketplaces are a dominant part of the ecommerce world. In fact, merchants should actively manage their pricing and distribution to ensure they don’t loose new and existing customers to a marketplace.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back next Friday for our next list of helpful eCommerce and shipping articles.