ShipperHQ – the solution for merchants who want to customize their Shopify shipping strategy

We are thrilled to now offer our sophisticated shipping tools to Shopify sellers through the Shopify App Store

With ShipperHQ, you get full control of the shipping rates and delivery options offered to customers. You can set up complex shipping requirements and move beyond Shopify’s native checkout experience.

By partnering with ShipperHQ, you can take charge of your margins and even make shipping a profitable part of your business. 

What is ShipperHQ? 

ShipperHQ is the leading storefront shipping management solution for eCommerce.

Our cutting-edge shipping tools provide you with the flexibility to show competitive shipping rates alongside convenient delivery choices at checkout.

With ShipperHQ, you can calculate accurate shipping rates and set up discounts, promotions and surcharges. Additionally, you can present details at checkout like delivery dates, accessorial fees and cross-border duties and taxes. 

Our number one goal with ShipperHQ is to help merchants around the world leverage shipping to achieve eCommerce success.

Back in 2014, ShipperHQ’s very first live customer was a Shopify store with challenging shipping requirements. They needed the ability to go beyond Shopify’s built-in shipping functionality.

These days, well-known brands like Bulletproof and Igloo rely on ShipperHQ to configure a customized shipping experience online. This includes setting up subscriptions, shipping restrictions and fulfillment from multiple origins.

9 ways ShipperHQ empowers merchants to take control of their Shopify shipping experience

ShipperHQ is an all-in-one hub for your eCommerce shipping needs.

We not only help you take full control of your Shopify shipping, but boast features that make shipping a selling point for your business. Our solutions makes your store stand out against industry competitors.

Here’s how ShipperHQ takes your shipping above and beyond Shopify’s built in functionality:

1. Provides more delivery choices at checkout

With ShipperHQ, you can provide live rates for 40+ carriers so that you and your customers enjoy the power of choice. You can set up multiple carriers with live rates and let your customers choose the right option for their schedule and budget.

We also allow you to provide the innovative delivery solutions your customers are increasingly coming to expect. This includes options like FedEx SameDay® City for same-day delivery, uShip for in-home installation and Zenda for cross-border shipping. 

By having choices at checkout focused on faster delivery at a valued price, your store will stand out from the crowd.

2. Offers live rates for less-than-truckload (LTL) freight

Sell big or bulky items? Or larger volume orders? ShipperHQ gives you the ability to offer live freight rates right at checkout. This saves you the frustration and man hours dedicated to calling around and getting freight quotes.

ShipperHQ also helps you save money in the long run for your business. By receiving accurate LTL Freight quotes, you can avoid unexpected undercharges or overcharges. Meaning, you’ll no longer have to hold the bag when it comes to paying a freight carrier. 

3. Regulates your Shopify shipping margins

With Dimensional Packing in ShipperHQ, you can make shipping a controllable and even profitable part of your business.

This feature empowers Shopify merchants to take control of their shipping margins by calculating rates based on dimensions, packaging requirements and product weight.

You can account for how you actually pack your products, including specific box and pallet sizes, extra inserts like ice packs or separate containers, and much more.

4. Creates shipping restrictions, discounts, promotions and surcharges

ShipperHQ’s Shipping Rules give you the flexibility and power to set rules and restrictions based on conditions like product type, geography, cart quantity, price and more. 

Your creativity is the limit here. Meaning, you can set surcharges to offset your costs of shipping to places far off the beaten path.

Or, you can limit free shipping to lightweight products to avoid having to ship heavy items for free.

You can even provide a discount for bulk orders or orders above a certain cart quantity threshold.  

5. Adds transparency with date and time-based shipping details

Long gone are the days where customers will be content to receive their item in “seven to ten business days.”

Amazon has trained all of us to want fast delivery. That is to say, most of us expect to see guaranteed dates at checkout.

Shopify’s native logic is very basic. Therefore, it only takes into account the day the order is placed and the number of days in-transit when providing your customer with a package arrival date.

In Shopify, there’s no way to input blackout dates, cut-off times (ex: order before 3pm for next day delivery), or lead times for preparing, packing and shipping your items. 

Thankfully, ShipperHQ’s Date and Time feature lets you to do all of this. It brings your real world operations into how you configure your eCommerce shipping strategy.

And on top of all this, we know all carriers are not created equal. With ShipperHQ you can automate individual definitions of number of “transit days” by logistics provider.

With Date and Time rules, you’ll boost conversions and get happier customers by showing the true date an item will arrive at a customer’s doorstep.

6. Manages Shopify shipping rates for multiple warehouses or dropship locations

Generally speaking, Shopify is set up for merchants who ship products from only one location.

This doesn’t bode well for many merchants who work with multiple warehouses or dropship vendors. As a result, they have to find a way to work around this functionality to achieve satisfactory fulfillment goals.

ShipperHQ allows for shipping from multiple locations and automatically provides the best rates for the closest origin to your customer.

This means your customers will receive their orders more quickly. Plus, you’ll eliminate the hassle of shipping packages across the country and instead ship from nearby.

7. Targets loyal customers with subscription options

According to Forbes, “The subscription eCommerce market has grown by more than 100% percent a year over the past five years,” jumping from $57.0M in sales in 2011 to $2.6B in 2016.

Subscriptions are only growing more popular as eCommerce overtakes brick-and-mortar shopping. Many merchants have taken notice and have created their own version of a subscription service to cater to their most loyal customer base.

For example, Shopify merchant Bulletproof uses ShipperHQ to show accurate rates for subscriptions vs. non-subscription orders. This helps them offer an upsell right at checkout. 

8. Let customers collect online orders in person

Offering in-store pickup saves both you and your customer money on shipping costs.

In fact, sixty-five percent of customers who choose in-store pickup say they made this choice because they wanted to avoid shipping fees.

There’s also the added benefit of increased foot traffic with click and collect.

According to the same study, 37.6% of merchants said they offer BOPUS (buy online, pick up in-store) because shoppers tend to make additional in-store purchases during pickup. 

If your online store extends to brick-and-mortar, you can set up ShipperHQ to give your customers the click and collect option right at checkout.

Even if you don’t have a physical store, you can work with a provider like UPS or FedEx who have alternative delivery programs. These programs allow you to offer pickup locations through participating retailers, like local grocery stores, pharmacies and shipping companies.

9. Access to shipping experts that are in your corner

ShipperHQ has over a decade of shipping expertise working with tens of thousands of merchants worldwide. 

Our award-winning customer success team is approachable and passionate about solving your shipping problems. And with offices in the UK, Australia and the heart of Texas, we’re here to help no matter where you are.

Our team of eCommerce shipping experts are happy to get you up and running in no time. With Consultation Services, Priority Support, and Configuration Services, we can guide you towards the best Shopify shipping strategy for your store. Or, you can put your shipping strategy in our hands and we’ll take care of setup for you.

Let us help you create custom Shopify shipping experiences and a winning checkout process for your store. Get started with your No Risk 30 Day Free Trial. Add ShipperHQ from the Shopify App Store or visit to sign up.