We’ve officially partnered with Adobe Commerce Cloud as an Adobe Accelerate Partner 

ShipperHQ and Magento Commerce are like bread and butter. We’re made for one another, at least partially. The predecessor to our company, WebShopApps, was founded as a set of Magento-specific shipping extensions. Since then, we’ve grown into the modern ShipperHQ platform. In 2018, Adobe acquired Magento Commerce. With this change, Magento now powers the Adobe Commerce Cloud integration within Adobe Experience Manager.

Through the years, we’ve remained close partners with our friends at Magento, but today, we’re happy to announce that our partnership has grown to include the Adobe Commerce Cloud as well.

What does this mean for Adobe Cloud Commerce customers?

Well, it’s a good day for those retailers. ShipperHQ is now the leading tech provider on the platform that allows retailers to customize their pre-purchase shipping experience. As an Adobe Accelerate Partner, merchants can have full control of their online checkout. They can tailor the rates and delivery methods that appear for individual purchase scenarios. 

Here’s what Adobe Cloud Commerce retailers can expect when using ShipperHQ:

What are existing Magneto customers saying? 

  • “ShipperHQ gives us the ability to separate our products into groups, which personalizes what shipping options are shown at the checkout, including freight options, which we weren’t able to do before. To be able to provide this option for items that require it has been absolutely wonderful.” Emily Pepperman, Dive Gear Express 
  • “We can provide inclusive pricing on some items, which means offering our customers free shipping. ShipperHQ has allowed us to provide a value-add for the customer.” Matt Riddle, Intelligentsia
  • “[Our] shipping options are based on product, customer, destination, and can be anything from simple DHL rates, to multiple time slot-based, heavy weight, freight rates with optional forklift, etc. [With ShipperHQ] we hide the complexity from the customer and just show what’s possible for the current cart scenario.” Helene Übelhack, bobbie
  • “One of our biggest drivers for using ShipperHQ is its flexibility. Their platform is easy to install, test and setup in Magento. If we need to make a change to our shipping quickly, it only takes us a few clicks before it can take effect immediately at checkout. Just this experience itself – the amount of time it’s saved us and will save us in the future – makes ShipperHQ worthwhile.” Aynsley Peet, Cox & Cox

Our CEO about being an Adobe Accelerate Partner:

“Now more than ever, the online shipping experience is front and center. Customers see shipping flexibility as crucial and merchants need to meet their expectations. With our highly customizable shipping management solution, proven in the field by tens of thousands of merchants, we have the extensive capabilities to help merchants meet the ever-increasing demands. We are thrilled to be working with Adobe, who shares our customer-focused mentality. Together, we can enable merchants to reach their full potential. With ShipperHQ, shipping is now a powerful asset, not a hurdle.”

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