If you’ve recently integrated with ShipperHQ, or if you’re considering it, you might need a little guidance to get started. Below, we’ve gathered 8 helpful articles to help you get acquainted with some of our most used features. 

When it comes to ecommerce shipping, having the right tools in your arsenal can make all the difference. Between finding accurate rates, calculating delivery dates, applying surcharges, handling exceptions, and managing multiple fulfillment centers, shipping can get complicated – fast.

ShipperHQ was built to help you handle these challenges.

It’s an all-in-one platform designed to let retailers customize and optimize their checkout and shipping experiences. Our powerful solution is chock-full of rich features that put complete control of shipping in your hands. 

Below, we highlight a few articles that can help you get to know the platform and understand how these features can affect your bottom line. 

1. 3 Reasons Address Validation for Shipping is Crucial for Your Ecommerce Store

Without Address Validation, it’s much more difficult to calculate accurate last mile delivery charges. This is because the type of location a shipment is bound for, whether it be a single family home, apartment or a place of business, has a lot to do with its delivery costs. And if a customer lists their residential address as a commercial one, your carrier’s shipping rate won’t include a residential delivery fee. But you can rest assured, if a carrier delivers that package to a home address, they’ll be sure to tack on a surcharge. At that point, you’ve already collected shipping fees from your customer, so you end up taking the loss.

2. How is Dimensional Weight Calculated? A Beginner’s Guide to Dimensional Shipping

It’s important to be aware of how dimensional weight factors into shipping rates. Because carriers create rates based on dimensional weight, rather than dead weight, retailers need to have the same information available to deliver accurate quotes. Our Dimensional Packing works double time to ensure you’re getting rates for the dimensional weight of your shipments, and get you the most accurate shipping costs possible. Our platform also lets you customize rules for packing, so you can account for specific scenarios, such as partially perishable orders.

2. Multi-Warehouse Management: How to Manage Shipping Rates for Multiple Warehouses with ShipperHQ

With Multi-Origin Shipping, retailers can automatically ship from the fulfillment location closest to the customer. This keeps shipping rates low for everyone, and makes for streamlined fulfillment and happier customers. You can also integrate with a WMS if needed, to factor in inventory data and other crucial details. 

3. Everything You Need to Know About BOPIS…And Why It Became The Most Popular Ecommerce Feature of 2020

In-Store Pickup has become downright mainstream. Its adoption rate skyrocketed 259% in 2020, motivating thousands of retailers to jump on board. Fortunately for ShipperHQ retailers, enabling in-store or curbside pickup is fast, easy, and totally customizable. Retailers can select which stores they want to offer pickup, and even create pickup radius areas to keep things local. Don’t have a brick and mortar store? This feature also allows you to set up alternative pickup via participating FedEx Hold at Location and UPS Access Point stores across the U.S.  

4. Rate Customization: A Guide to Shipping Rules for Products, Carriers and More

With ShipperHQ’s Shipping Rules, retailers can customize which shipping methods and options appear in checkout based on a number of factors. Want to offer free shipping on certain items? Add a surcharge for perishables? Require overnight shipping on handcrafted, fragile goods? The options are endless. Plus, retailers can change them at any time, giving you full control to maintain a strategic, revenue-driving shipping strategy. 

6. The Importance of Showing Accurate Delivery Dates for Any Holiday

While 82% of shoppers prefer to shop at stores that show delivery dates at checkout, currently just 40% of retailers currently provide them. Give customers the detail they want with Delivery Date + Time from ShipperHQ. The platform calculates delivery dates instantly and accounts for factors like shipping method, lead times, blackout dates, carrier availability, and more.

7. How to Create a Winning LTL Freight Strategy for eCommerce

Shipping LTL freight has long been a slow, manual process. With ShipperHQ’s LTL Freight feature, though, calling around for manual quotes is a thing of the past. With real-time quoting for even oversize or oddly-shaped goods, you can expect to see cart abandonment fall, as customers no longer have to wait for a freight quote before clicking “Buy.” 

8. ShipperHQ’s Ultimate Shipping Strategy Checklist for 2021  

If you’re looking for more detail on how to create a shipping strategy that drives conversions and repeat buying, our Ultimate Shipping Strategy Checklist is just the ticket. See the essentials on how you can transform your checkout and shipping experiences from mundane, to beautifully simplified, driving revenue all the while. Get the free download now. 

Still have questions? Our team of shipping experts is here to help. Whether you have a question about the platform or need guidance for building a strategy, let us help you set up the best shipping experience possible.

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